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Scientists found out how it really looked like the artist Raphael

Scientists from the University of Rome La Sapienza in collaboration with professors from other schools of Italy have created three-dimensional model of the face of the artist of Renaissance of Raphael Santi and printed it on a 3D printer to see how it looked actually, reports the Daily Mail.

For this purpose, the experts used a plaster cast of the skull of an Italian painter, which was made during the exhumation of his body in 1833, the year, and a special computer program.

The Austrian had fought off the fingers of plaster models of the XIX century when taking a selfie

Austrian tourist while shooting a selfie at an Italian Museum beat off the toes from the original plaster model of the famous sculpture of Pauline Bonaparte by Italian sculptor Antonio Canova (1757-1822), told the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi.

The incident occurred in the Italian Possagno Museum, which houses a collection of plaster models of works by Canova. As reported in Facebook the Museum, a tourist from Austria sat down on the sculpture and thus broke her two fingers of feet, then hurriedly left the establishment, about anything, without telling anyone.

Italy returned to France stolen the work of Banksy

Italian authorities returned to France the work of street artist Banksy, stolen by unknown with one of the back doors of the concert hall of the Paris "Bataclan".

The work of Banksy in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack on 13 November 2015 stolen in January 2019. She was found by the carabinieri in June at a farm house in the Italian region of Abruzzo.

The President of Poland wants to make the first after the inauguration of the visit to Rome

The President of Poland Andrzej Duda wants to make his first after the inauguration of the visit to Rome and the Vatican, reported the head of the Chancellery of the Polish President Krzysztof Mersky in the Polish radio.

On Sunday, the tune was re-elected Poland's President for a second term.

Morricone buried under the music for the film "the Mission"

An Italian composer Ennio Morricone on Tuesday was buried in the cemetery of Laurentino in the southern suburb of Rome.

Morricone died on 92-m to year of life in the night of Monday in one of the Roman hospitals, where he stayed for some time after the hip fracture. Feeling the approach of death, in the hospital, he decided to write his obituary.

Italy will suspend flights from Bangladesh

The Minister of health of Italy, Roberto Speranza has imposed a ban on the arrival of flights from Bangladesh once aboard the plane, arrived on Monday, found 21 infected with the coronavirus COVID-19.

"I just decided to suspend flights arriving from Bangladesh, after the detection of a significant number of positive cases on the flight, arrived yesterday in Rome. We confirm the passing of quarantine for immigrants from countries outside the EU and Schengen. After all our sacrifice, we can't afford to import the infection from abroad", - wrote the Minister in his Facebook.

Expert: Italian Morricone gave the Americans the sounds of the Wild West

Italian composer Ennio Morricone had a unique "voice", he taught US residents the sounds of the Wild West and using the tools that people knew for centuries, gave the world a new music, told RIA Novosti the American experts in the field of film music.

Morricone died in the night on Monday in Rome on 92-m to year of life.

Died composer Ennio Morricone

The famous Italian composer Ennio Morricone has died on 94-m to year of life, reported news channel Rainews24.

It is clarified that a few days ago he broke his hip and died on the night of Monday in one of the Roman hospitals, "the consequences of the fall". Other details are still unknown.

More than a hundred of Russians flew from Rome to Moscow on export flight

Next export the flight from 121 a citizen of Russia flew in Sunday night from Rome Fiumicino to Moscow, said the Russian Embassy in Italy.

"Home can go Russian citizens from different regions of our country", - the diplomat said.

In Roman pizzerias spoke about working with people with down syndrome

In one of the residential areas in the South-East of Rome for two decades, works Locanda dei Girasoli restaurant and pizzeria, where most of the staff have down syndrome. How the school survived the pandemic and coronavirus as their place in it found 14 "special" people, RIA Novosti was told by one of its founders Enzo Rimicci (Enzo Rimicci).

"Our story begins in 1998, when several parents decided to unite their efforts, realizing that their children opportunities to find a job is negligible," he said Rimicci, who heads the non-profit consortium Sintesi, involving several projects with a social focus.

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