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Ex-FBI agent will release a book about the "threat" posed by trump

The former agent of FBI counterintelligence Peter Strzok, who was fired after the scandal because of his correspondence with a colleague critical of the US President, has written a book about the "threat" posed by Donald trump and his team of spectacular Robert Mueller, it will be published on 8 September, according to the website of the publisher.

"Veteran of the FBI, standing up to the Russian investigation, drawn from the long experience of hunting for foreign agents in the United States to uncover the threat posed by President trump," reads the description of the book on the publishers website Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books

Democrats in Congress want to prevent the Trump to pardon himself

A member of the house of representatives Jamie Raskin introduced an amendment to the bill of Democrats, which prohibits the U.S. President to pardon himself.

The US President has the constitutional right to pardon and reduce the sentences. President Donald trump caused the indignation of the Democrats, repealing a prison sentence his longtime friend and unofficial Advisor Roger stone.

In the U.S., the Senator said that the documents show the falsity of the dossier in trump

U.S. Senator, Republican Lindsey Graham, said that declassified documents show the falsity of the incriminating dossier on President Donald trump.

Graham, a close ally of trump recalled in a press release that the dossier was an important document that would justify a court order for surveillance of an American citizen, the then Advisor to the headquarters of the trump Carter page.

Niece trump claims in the book that he didn't believe in his candidacy

The niece of Donald trump Mary in his book argues that neither the trump nor his relatives did not believe in his candidacy — according to her statement, trump was able to convince the possibility of winning only a "tacit Russian support."

The book "Too much and not enough: how my family created the most dangerous man in the world" became a bestseller in pre-sales before was officially published Tuesday.

The Prosecutor from the team of Muller Wiseman will release the book in late September

Former Prosecutor Andrew Weissman, who worked in the team of "Russian investigation," Robert Mueller, will release in late September, a book about the investigation, said Random House.

"This is the story of our investigation of how our democracy attacked Russia, and how those who have encouraged and ignored the attack, undermine our ability to find the truth," said Weisman in this regard, stressing that he was proud of his work.

Trump urged to extradite to the U.S. a former British agent Steele

American President Donald trump considers it necessary to extradite to the United States and put in jail, which at the dirt of the former British agent Christopher Steele.

"This man should be extradited, to be tried and thrown in jail. You sick liar, who paid roguish Hillary (Clinton, the former candidate in US presidents from Democrats - ed.) and the national Committee of the Democratic party," wrote trump on Twitter.

Media: trump allowed a cyber attack on "online research"

The President of the United States Donald trump confirmed in an interview with columnist of the Washington Post, Marc Thyssen, which has sanctioned a cyber attack against the Russian "Agency of Internet research" in 2018.

"Right," said trump, responding to a question Thiessen about this cyber attack. He also added that this decision was part of a broader policy of confrontation of Russia in the world.

Each of the trump stone should be in jail for the incarceration on 14 July

Friend and former informal adviser to Donald trump, Roger stone should be in jail for the incarceration on July 14, ruled the court of appeal.

"Stone is not subject to further postpone the date of arrival at the prison," reads the court's decision.

Trump reduced his prison sentence to the ex-Advisor to stone

The President of the United States Donald trump reduced the prison sentence of his friend and former informal adviser Roger stone, said in a statement the White house.

"Roger stone free man now!" the statement of the White house.

Trump called the decision of the Supreme court on his finances "witch hunt"

The US President Donald trump called the decision of the Supreme court in its financial documents, "witch hunt".

The Supreme court issued on Thursday two solutions for Finance trump. In one of them the court rejected the congressional committees that requested financial information trump and his family. However, in another decision, the court ruled that prosecutors in new York may be required to submit tax documents to the President. However, these documents are unlikely to be published before the presidential election.

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