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Trump urged to extradite to the U.S. a former British agent Steele

American President Donald trump considers it necessary to extradite to the United States and put in jail, which at the dirt of the former British agent Christopher Steele.

"This man should be extradited, to be tried and thrown in jail. You sick liar, who paid roguish Hillary (Clinton, the former candidate in US presidents from Democrats - ed.) and the national Committee of the Democratic party," wrote trump on Twitter.

Media: trump allowed a cyber attack on "online research"

The President of the United States Donald trump confirmed in an interview with columnist of the Washington Post, Marc Thyssen, which has sanctioned a cyber attack against the Russian "Agency of Internet research" in 2018.

"Right," said trump, responding to a question Thiessen about this cyber attack. He also added that this decision was part of a broader policy of confrontation of Russia in the world.

Each of the trump stone should be in jail for the incarceration on 14 July

Friend and former informal adviser to Donald trump, Roger stone should be in jail for the incarceration on July 14, ruled the court of appeal.

"Stone is not subject to further postpone the date of arrival at the prison," reads the court's decision.

Trump reduced his prison sentence to the ex-Advisor to stone

The President of the United States Donald trump reduced the prison sentence of his friend and former informal adviser Roger stone, said in a statement the White house.

"Roger stone free man now!" the statement of the White house.

Trump called the decision of the Supreme court on his finances "witch hunt"

The US President Donald trump called the decision of the Supreme court in its financial documents, "witch hunt".

The Supreme court issued on Thursday two solutions for Finance trump. In one of them the court rejected the congressional committees that requested financial information trump and his family. However, in another decision, the court ruled that prosecutors in new York may be required to submit tax documents to the President. However, these documents are unlikely to be published before the presidential election.

The judge asked to reconsider the decision to close the case Flynn

The judge in the case of former adviser to Donald trump, Michael Flynn asks appeals court to reconsider the decision to close the case, according to court documents.

Earlier, the court of appeal by a majority of two votes against one ordered the judge to dismiss the case, citing the relevant decision of the Ministry of justice. However, judge Emmet Sullivan, who has in the past threatened Flynn with jail, asked an expanded panel of the court of appeal to reconsider this decision.

Trump commented on the decision of the Supreme court in its finances

The US President Donald trump has promised to continue to fight for the integrity of its financial documents, said the Supreme court decision of the country's political and unfair to him and his administration.

On Thursday, the U.S. Supreme court recognized the constitutional request of the court of Manhattan, requires access to financial documents of the President of the United States in the case of payments to two women in silence about their relationships with him. In this case, the Supreme court refused to consider the request of the Democrats of Congress on access to financial documents of the President, with orders to return the case for further consideration in the lower court.

The new York district attorney wants to begin a new trial against Manafort

The new York public Prosecutor intends to challenge the court's decision to dismiss charges against Paul Manafort, the former campaign Manager of the United States, in the case of mortgage fraud, reports the associated Press.

In mid-March 2019, the district of Columbia court sentenced Paul Manafort to 3.5 years in prison and a fine of more than $ 6 million in unregistered work as a lobbyist and pressure on witnesses. Immediately afterwards the Grand jury of new York's borough of Manhattan has filed fraud charges with the mortgage on a housing mortgage, however, the new York court dismissed the indictment in Manafaru because the defendant was already convicted them in the court of another instance.

The U.S. Supreme court will examine the publication of papers on the investigation of Muller

The U.S. Supreme court agreed to hear a case about the publication of secret documents to the Grand jury at "Russian investigation" spectacular Robert Mueller, according to the website of the court.

The house of representatives under the leadership of the majority Democrats demanded to distribute documents, suspecting the presence of incriminating information about the President of the United States Donald trump. The administration of the trump objected, pointing out that Congress should not have the right to examine the motives of initiation of an investigation.

Ryabkov praised book Bolton

Diplomacy is now facing completely new tasks, previously for the declassification of information it would take dozens of years, now we cannot be sure that confidential discussions will not be made public, said the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov, commenting on the book of memoirs of former national security Advisor of US President John Bolton.

On Tuesday, the book was published. In it Bolton describes his work in the White house in the years 2018-19. Bolton, in particular, quite openly talks about the talks at the highest level, including with the Russian side, in which he participated, and also cites some private meetings at the White house, the witness of which he was, as an Advisor to trump.

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