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Gordon said about the persecution Rudkovskaya because of the scandal with the Dakota

Producer Yana Rudkovskaya is being bullied by the singer Rita Dakota after a controversial situation involving a raffle of luxury handbags, said on instagram lawyer Catherine Gordon.

She expressed the view that the conflict was formed by artificial means and on an empty place, or it was the result of a misunderstanding, "that someone wanted to inflate".

Criticized Rudkovskaya after the situation with Dakota

Yana Rudkovskaya published in the instagram post, which reminded of the draw of luxury handbags. However, many users criticized the producer after she humiliated the singer Rita Dakota, which was among the organizers of this contest.

"It will be silent and continue to expose the hypocritical picture? Comment on the situation with the French brand," wrote johnwinchester13.

Rudkovskaya "humiliated" Rita Dakota for luxury handbags

Singer Rita Dakota complained that producer Yana Rudkovskaya "humiliated" her for a photo with luxury bags. She announced this on instagram.

According to the artist, she was invited to spend a draw of handbags from the famous brand. This would have to be photographed with prizes, but they were taken away to other bloggers participating in the event. The organizer asked the singer to do a photo shoot with similar bags in boutique.

Ex-participant of "factory of stars" harshly criticized the winner of the show

Ex-participant of "factory of stars" Rita Dakota in his instagram harshly criticized the winner of the seventh season of the show Anastasia Prikhodko.

According to the actress, her former rival for the project was shared fascist views. With her, the singer is constantly "fought and fought". Moreover, among the participants of the show were and others disagree with Prikhodko. So, one of the politically incorrect jokes of the future the winner of the project to address black women from Astrakhan Cornelia Mango led to the fact that she threw in her Bank energy.