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In Minneapolis, protesters looting stores

Protests in Minneapolis continues in the night of Saturday, despite the previously imposed curfew, as well as present in the city, national guard forces, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

In one of the districts of the city gathered a crowd of several hundred people, some of them surrounded the African-American in a black suit and with a megaphone in hand, in which he shouts slogans in support of justice in the case of victim as a result of police detention of George Floyd.

In Minneapolis, protesters set fire to a Bank building

Protesters around the fifth police precinct in Minneapolis in the United States following the defeat of the stores started setting fire to other buildings, reports from the scene the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

The fire started in the building of a large Bank Wells Fargo, whose office is across the street from the police station. Plywood panels, which closed the door on fire, smoke is also coming out of the broken Windows of the office.

Residents of Minneapolis spoke about life in the city during the riots

Minneapolis city center is almost deserted: go rare cars, pedestrians less than the limitations due to the coronavirus. The first begins curfew, which was imposed on Friday after three days of mass night of unrest.

The cause of the disturbances was the death of African American George Floyd with the arrest by the police. One of the guards a few minutes standing knee Floyd in the neck. Charges of manslaughter were brought to him only a few days later. During this time the city burned dozens buildings, looted a large number of outlets. The state government has introduced the National guard.

Biden demanded justice in the case of Floyd

Former Vice-President and the likely democratic nominee for the presidency, Joe Biden has demanded justice in the case of the death of an African-American George Floyd, who died in police custody in the us city of Minneapolis.

He was called to bring the "bad people from the police" accountable.

Zuckerberg explained why Facebook did not remove the entry for trump

The head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg explained why his social network had not followed the example of Twitter and did not hide or remove the record of President Donald trump.

Earlier, the President of the United States wrote that can direct to Minneapolis soldiers of the National guard, if the mayor will not take control of the situation with the riots after the death of the African-American George Floyd at the hands of the police. The President said that "or very weak radical left mayor Jacob Frey will take action and take control of the town," or he would send the city the National guard and "make it right". Trump also wrote that "we take (the situation) under control, but when the looting starts, the shooting starts". Later on the social network Twitter has marked the message trump as violating the rules of the company about the glorification of violence. Tweet trump on Twitter is hidden, it can only be read by clicking on the administration website.

Media: in Minneapolis more than 200 buildings were looted during the riots

More than 200 buildings and premises broken into and ransacked or subjected to vandalism in the U.S. Minneapolis during the riots, estimated by the local newspaper the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

According to her, a number of buildings were seriously affected by flooding or fire. Some are completely destroyed because of fires.

The family of Floyd demands to reclassify the charges against the ex-police officer

The family of black George Floyd, who was killed during the arrest by the police in Minneapolis, requires to reclassify charges to the detainee the police on more serious, the statement said family members, which is published representing their attorney Ben crump.

Chavan was accused under two articles — murder of the third degree, that is negligence. The article "murder in the first degree" roughly corresponds to Russian phrase "felony murder".

In some major US cities, riots broke out over the death of Floyd

Protests over the death of an African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis on Friday escalated into riots in several major U.S. cities, reports the associated Press.

Clashes of protesters with police, detention and acts of vandalism occurring in new York, Atlanta (GA), Albuquerque (new Mexico), Fontana, San Jose (California) and Houston (Texas).

In Atlanta the crowd stoned police cars and Windows of the headquarters of CNN

A crowd of protesters in connection with the death of an African-American to George Floyd at the hands of police perpetrated acts of vandalism in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, according to footage on local TV channels.

The protesters smashed several police cars, and one of them was set on fire. Went near the place of the March to the CNN building — its glass wall broke, and the logo of TV at the entrance painted offensive slogans.

The white house was briefly closed because of the protests, according to media

The white house was briefly closed Friday evening because of the protests that erupted due to the death of an African-American to George Floyd at the hands of police, told the Fox News channel.

Pool of journalists who were outside the building, asked to go inside, then the entrance and exit were blocked. In the West wing of the White house, there were about a dozen journalists, said the TV channel.

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