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Brazilian authorities have opened to visit the statue of Christ the Redeemer

Brazilian authorities have opened to visit the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro and the Tijuca national Park that were closed earlier due to the pandemic of coronavirus, said the Minister of the environment Ricardo SALIS.

"Today we once again open the Park of Rio de Janeiro the statue of Christ the Redeemer", - he wrote in Twitter.

The bandits tried to take the balloon from the runway at the airport in Rio de Janeiro

A group of armed men invaded the Galeão international airport in Rio de Janeiro, intending to take from the runway crashed the balloon, opened fire and fled on a boat, reported the Federal police of Brazil.

According to media reports, on the night of Tuesday on the tarmac fallen 18-foot unmanned balloon, after which the attackers on motorcycles and cars, tried to take him out, but met resistance from security services and were forced to escape by boat. Two participants of the incident were arrested.

A return to isolation. Who faces a new quarantine

. The world health organization has sounded the alarm. After the weakening of quarantine in America, Europe and the middle East, the incidence of coronavirus has increased dramatically. The total number of infected people in the world closer to 12 million, but epidemiologists believe: this is not the limit. Doctors are encouraged to return the limit, otherwise avoid the second wave. Where once again impose a curfew and how it responds to a population, understood to RIA Novosti.

"The virus is fanaticism. It is not intimidating totalitarian methods. He's smarter and will kill the national economy. But as a man I will deal with infection," he promised Air Bolsonaro at a rally of the opponents of quarantine. After an emotional speech, the President of Brazil shook hands with the audience, some hugged and patted on the shoulder.

At a party in Rio de Janeiro, was shot five people

Five people were killed during a party in the Northern part of Rio de Janeiro, there are wounded, informs a portal G1.

"...The party ended with the shots on Sunday morning (June 28). According to police, at least five died, all the shots were fired at 12 people", - informs the media.

The corruption case Bolsonaro Jr. in Brazil transmitted to the special court

The corruption case against Senator Flaviu Bolsonaro, one of the sons of the President of Brazil Jaira Bolsonaro before the special court, reports local portal UOL.

The investigation against Bolsonaro Jr. was opened in November 2019. It was reported that the Prosecutor's office of Rio de Janeiro plans to investigate the scheme recruitment of ex-MP Mr. Flaviu Bolsonaro friends and relatives as advisers to the assignment of their official income. Suspicions were aroused by the presence in the list of advisers bodybuilder and vet, living far from the capital.

In Brazil, the police launched an investigation against the allies Bolsonaro

The Federal police of Brazil early on Tuesday, the investigation against some allies of the President Zaira Bolsonaro for participation in the financing and organization of anti-democratic demonstrations.

As stated in the Federal police, "investigated the origin of resources and the structure of the financing of groups suspected of committing acts against democracy".

Brazilian activists dug a hundred symbolic graves on Copacabana beach

Brazilian activists of the public organization Rio de Paz, acting against government policy in relation to pandemic coronavirus, 100 dug symbolic graves at the world famous Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, according to the portal G1.

About 40 volunteers Thursday morning, dug the grave in front of the hotel Copacabana Palace, next to the graves established the crosses with Brazilian flags and banners. According to Antonio Carlos Costa, President of Rio de Paz, the graves are an allusion to the cemetery in the country.

The court reversed the easing of quarantine in Rio de Janeiro

The court of Rio De Janeiro temporarily stopped the action of the decrees of the state government and the city Council, which has weakened the norms of social exclusion adopted at the time of a pandemic of a novel coronavirus.

City court judge Bruno Bader has satisfied the petition of state's attorney's office and cancelled some items of government regulations. Again banned all sports activities in the fresh air, visiting tourist spots, partial operation of bars and restaurants, work, shopping malls and Church services.

In Rio de Janeiro held a protest against racism

Hundreds of protesters marched Sunday on the Central streets of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to protest against racism and fascism, which, in their opinion, is behind the government of President Zaira Bolsonaro.

In his opinion, no choice but to mobilize, they do not have, because Brazil is experiencing a moment of "blatant fascism." He noted that demonstrations by supporters of the government held in the morning in Copacabana, there were even flags with Nazi swastikas.

In Brazil banned the police raids in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro

Brazil's Supreme court on Friday agreed to stop police raids in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro at the time of the pandemic COVID-19, reports Reuters.

It is reported that judge Edson Fachin decided to close all police raids "except in absolutely exceptional cases."

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