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"Get out immediately". US threatens Europe's sanctions

The United States all the forces prevented Russia to finish the construction "Nord stream — 2". Before laying the last section of congressmen endorsed the new restrictions. In response, the German authorities threatened to impose duties on liquefied gas from America. What will the war of sanctions — in the material RIA Novosti.

"Get out," asked Mike Pompeo to foreign participants of the project "Northern stream — 2". The Secretary of state announced that the restrictions will affect, and "Turkish stream". And those who disobey, expect big trouble.

Media: trump insulted and humiliated by Merkel and Mei in conversations on the phone

The President of the United States Donald trump during secret telephone conversations called German Chancellor Angela Merkel "stupid" and accused her that she is under the influence of Russia, and former Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may was called "stupid", criticising its spinelessness against Brexit, reports CNN, citing informed sources.

According to the TV channel, in conversations with Merkel and Mei American President humiliated them, making a "brutal attack." According to one source channel, the diatribe of the leader of the United States was "almost sadistic".

The story of Nikolai Platonovich and John Boltunova

A year ago in Jerusalem held a two-day meeting Nikolai Patrushev and John Bolton — Secretary of the Russian security Council and adviser to the President of the United States national security. It was their third conversation in ten months: they met in Geneva, then spoke in Moscow.

In June 2019, the nor Patrushev, neither Bolton does not know the future — in particular, the fact that less than three months he will be dismissed. And a year after the Jerusalem meeting will be released his memoir "the Room where it happened: memories of the White house" that his former boss would call a threat to national security due to the disclosure of classified information, and the Secretary of state Pompeo not think Bolton's a traitor.