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The General staff called the condition of use of nuclear weapons

Russia uses its nuclear capability in the event of any missile attacks on its territory, it should be prepared by the General staff of the Armed forces of the article "On state policy of the Russian Federation in the field of nuclear deterrence", which was published in the newspaper "Red star".

Because of the ability to install, whether it be a nuclear missile or not, any missile will be positioned as nuclear, it follows from the material. The military leadership of Russia immediately receive information about the launch and will determine the scale of response.

Doctors have described the condition of the participants of the vaccine trials from COVID-19

Doctors are not noted undesirable health effects in volunteers, which are testing a Russian vaccine against COVID-19, according to the materials of the newspaper "Red star".

As noted Chikhlyaev, volunteers will continue to do General clinical and biochemical blood tests and to check for immunity to coronavirus.

Russian troops will receive in 2020, about four thousand cars

Russian troops will receive in 2020, nearly four thousand modern cars, said chief armored Directorate of the defense Ministry, Serhiy Bibik.

The twenty-ninth of may, the day of military motorist.