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The historian spoke about the importance of the Rzhev battle

Rzhevskiy memorial to the Soviet soldier pays tribute to those who gave their lives to stop the enemy and the result of a huge scale battle made a radical change in the course of the great Patriotic war, told RIA Novosti the head of the scientific Department of the Russian military historical society (rvio), Yury Nikiforov.

Tuesday will host the opening ceremony of Rzhev of the memorial to Soviet soldiers, which will be a branch of the Museum of Victory. Participation in the event will be the presidents of Russia and Belarus Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko. The memorial was completed in April of this year, but its Grand opening was planned for the 75th anniversary of Victory on may 9 was postponed because of the situation with coronavirus infection.

The historian told about the confusion with the Banner of Victory in 1945

The banner of Victory because of the confusion could be a flag, not related to the storming of the Reichstag, told RIA Novosti Vladimir Afanasiev, chief scientific worker of the Central Museum of the armed forces, which now houses the main symbol of victory.

The historian said that the commandant of Berlin, Colonel-General Nikolai Berzarin, who was the commander of the other Fifth shock army - knew nothing about the replacement, therefore, ordered to remove the banner from the Reichstag and were preparing to send him to Moscow. Picture about how remove a banner appeared in the press, in the Third shock army saw it and reported on the situation with the Deputy Supreme commander, Marshal Georgy Zhukov.