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Named regions of Russia with the most affordable gasoline

Gasoline in the regions of the far North, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg is the most accessible to the public, and residents of the North Caucasus can afford least of all automobile fuel on the average monthly salary. In the whole country gasoline AI-92 for seven months of this year rose by 1.9%, according to the study, RIA Novosti reported.

The rating is based on the ranking of Russian regions by volume of gasoline AI-92, which may become resident on average in the region paid. The available volume of gasoline determined by dividing the average monthly wage in the region, less income tax for the period from June 2019 to may 2020 to the regional price of gasoline as of July 27, 2020.

Named European countries with the most affordable gasoline

Luxembourg topped the ranking of European countries on the availability of gas for the population, Russia has one of the lowest fuel prices — on the 20th position in last place — Ukraine, according to a study by RIA Novosti.

The rankings used data from the statistics of European countries on the price of gasoline 95 octane as of the beginning of July 2020 (for Ukraine and Norway — by the end of may 2020). The price changes calculated in local currency countries. To evaluate the accessibility of motor fuel in various countries, experts, based on official statistics, to calculate the amount of gasoline that can be purchased on their monthly salary from the countries of Europe.

Named the leading regions in terms of welfare families

Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district for the ninth time in a row topped the rating of regions by level of household wealth, in General, the same leaders for the 2019 oil and gas producing regions and financial centers in the end – regions of the North Caucasus, Pskov, Ivanovo region, and several others, according to a study by RIA Novosti.

Experts RIA Novosti news Agency prepared a rating of regions by level of household wealth at the end of 2019. The rating was calculated at the maximum possible cash balance of families to the average for the region wages after minimum expenses on the basis of Rosstat data.