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In the Tula region restored the movement of trains

The movement of trains on the site of the derailment of a freight train in the Tula region is fully restored, reported the Moscow railway (MZHD, a branch of RZD).

Sunday on the stretch of Lazarevo - Schekino the Moscow railway (MZHD) occurred the derailment of a freight train. There were no injuries. The environmental challenge is not.

The Ministry of communications will present a methodology for digital transformation of state-owned companies

The Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation develops methodological recommendations for the digital transformation of state-owned companies, tested them in the Railways and "Mail of Russia" plans to present for use in the third quarter, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Ministry.

The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin said Thursday that state-owned companies must prepare a programme of digital transformation, which provides priority use of domestic software solutions. These programs will be considered by the Commission for digital development.

The handlers gave advice on how to travel with a dog

The Russian cynological Federation (RKF) shared with RIA Novosti useful tips for those who decided to travel with a dog.

"For many of us a dog is a full-fledged member of the family who cannot be left at home or in the zoo hotels when I travel. Many believe that to take your pet with you on a long journey too troublesome or even impossible, but it is misleading," said RIA Novosti President of RKF Vladimir Golubev.

Russian Railways announced the return of all previously canceled trains "swift"

All trains, "swift", previously canceled because of the situation with coronavirus, from July 15 to get back on the route Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod, according to Russian Railways.

"In connection with the gradual lifting of restrictions and to meet the demand of passengers for travel JSC "FIC" (subsidiary of JSC "RZD") shall resume the running of trains "swift" between Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. From July 15 in the graph are restored daily high-speed trains №№ 701/702, 703/704, 705/706, 707/708, 709/710", - the statement reads on Monday.

Railways expect the first Russian model trains for BCM in 2025

The first sample Russian trains for high-speed Railways (HSR) that is capable of speeds up to 360 kilometers per hour, will be built in Russia in 2025, said the head of the technical policy of JSC "RZD" Vladimir Andreev.

Is considered a specialized high-speed electrified line double-track railway to operate trains at speeds of 200 to 400 kilometers per hour. Now in Russia there are no roads, and when there, they will need the appropriate train. The Railways have repeatedly noted that the main condition is the organization of their production in Russia. The Russian Railways and Sinara group businessman Dmitry Pumpyansky in 2019 established "Engineering center of railway transport", a pilot project which will be to develop and manufacture in Russia trains for HSR with a speed of 400 kilometers per hour.

The transport Ministry wants to attract "national" bonds for transportation objects

The Ministry wants to try to use a "national" bonds for highway construction, the results of the study of this question will be ready later in July, told reporters the head of Department Eugene Dietrich.

"We would like to try to use the mechanisms that now the Ministry of construction in residential construction applies. It is raising funds from the market, the involvement of the media user. Quite possibly, our citizens will want to participate in financing the construction of certain transport projects. Different mechanisms we are working on and in July we will be ready to report them," said Dietrich.

Russian Railways has introduced a new e-ticket

Russian Railways has introduced a new design Blanca electronic ticket, said the RIA Novosti.

The new form of the electronic ticket the company planned to introduce in the first half of 2020. However, the press service of Russian Railways in April, RIA Novosti reported that delayed this because of the situation with coronavirus. In the end, the new e-ticket form appeared almost in the stated period. In a press-service of Russian Railways said RIA Novosti on Friday that while the new form of the electronic ticket is when you purchase the application, and when purchasing tickets via the website it will appear later.

The Railways made a daily train "Russia" Vladivostok-Moscow

The Railways made a daily train "Russia" from Vladivostok to Moscow with reserved seats and compartment cars with shower and sockets, the message of the company.

Fast train № 1/2 "Russia", one of the most famous trains in the world, passing through TRANS-Siberian railway through nearly the entire country, said the Railways. Now, instead of three times a week he would walk daily and will replace the schedule of train No. 99/100 Moscow – Vladivostok. The route adds more than 70 new stops. This, explained the company will make Russia more accessible to people in many remote towns.

Railways resumed the running about 70 cancelled due COVID trains

Railways on the background of the gradual removal of restrictions in the regions of Russia, imposed earlier due to the situation of coronavirus has already been resumed running about 70 domestic passenger long-distance trains, considered to RIA Novosti on the website of the company.

The CEO of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov at meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin in early may, noted that the holding company has cancelled more than half of long-distance trains in Russia because of lower carriage of passengers in connection with the coronavirus, while retaining the accessibility of the regions. As follows from data in a special section on the chart, only Russian Railways canceled more than 100 long-distance trains in Russia.

Railways resume a passenger message Kaliningrad

The Railways from Wednesday to resume passenger rail service between Kaliningrad and other cities of Russia: while the schedule back two trains from Moscow and St. Petersburg, the company said.

Railways has canceled passenger trains between the cities of Russia and Kaliningrad from April 6 on the background of the situation with coronavirus. The head of the press service of the government of the Kaliningrad region Dmitry Lyskov reported on Friday to RIA Novosti that the rail link to Kaliningrad will resume from 1 July. The Railways later confirmed this date. Thus, passenger trains did not go to Kaliningrad for almost three months.

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