The expert told about the key principles of the air defense system of Moscow

System of Moscow today is based on the same key principles as during the great Patriotic war, but at a higher technical level, it has proven its effectiveness during the first RAID in 1941, said RIA Novosti former head of the anti-aircraft missile troops Russian air force Lieutenant General Alexander Gorkov.

July 22 is the Day of defenders of the sky of Moscow, which was established in memory of the successful reflection of the first German air RAID on the capital in 1941. Then, more than 220 bombers made their first RAID on the city. The idea to celebrate the anniversary of the first air RAID on Moscow belonged to the people's artist of the USSR Yuri Nikulin, who during the war was Sergeant of the air defense forces.

The General spoke about the development of Russian anti-aircraft missile troops

Anti-aircraft missile troops (SMP) recently developed ahead of time, their tasks become more complicated, weapons are constantly improving, responding to the development of means of air attack, including those that will appear in the future, said Wednesday RIA Novosti former head of the anti-aircraft missile troops Russian air force Lieutenant General Alexander Gorkov.

Sixty years ago, July 8, 1960, was based anti-aircraft missile troops. On this day in the office of the chief of air defense forces of the USSR introduced a new post – the commander of anti-aircraft missile air defense forces.

Missile officers responded to the words of the Ukrainian expert about the impact on Russia

Former chief of anti-aircraft missile troops (SMP) the special-purpose command of the Russian air force Colonel Sergei Khatylev in an interview with the portal "Ura.ru" he said the Ukrainian expert Michael Zirkova, who said about the ability of Kiev to reach ships in Novorossiysk.

Previously, the specialist expressed the opinion that the new anti-ship cruise missile R-360 Neptun Ukraine allegedly can hit targets off the coast of Crimea as well as Russian ships in the port of Novorossiysk.

Russian fighter jets escorted a US air force aircraft over the sea of Okhotsk

The Russian air force was raised in the air fighters to intercept American bombers-52N over the sea of Okhotsk, Russian border they are not violated, stated in the National control centre defense of the Russian Federation.

Meanwhile, over the past 1.5 weeks, the U.S. air force themselves twice raised the fighters in the air to escort Russian strategic bombers Tu-95MS in the same area, near the border of Russia and the USA.

The General appreciated the message about the hypothetical "the attack on the United States of Siberia"

Russia has a powerful layered air defense that can shoot down on the distant approaches, including bombers B-52H Stratofortress United States air force: the practice of the teachings, destroyed 80-90% of the targets.

About it RIA Novosti said on Monday former Deputy commander of the air force of Russia the General-Lieutenant Aitech Bizhev, commenting on the Ukrainian consulting company Defense Express. She wrote that Stratofortress can hit "strategic targets in the Arctic and parts of Siberia", without entering the airspace of Russia.