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The videoamanda Ruptly producer injured in protests in Sweden

Ruptly producer injured during protests in Gothenburg, Sweden, said the chief editor MIA "Russia today" and RT Margarita Simonyan.

She said that staff videoamanda busted lip and broken equipment.

In Yemen, thousands of people came to say goodbye to the dead by Ruptly stringer

Thousands of people came to bid farewell to slain Tuesday in Aden in southern Yemen journalist Nabil al-Kaiti, who has collaborated with videoagentstvo Ruptly and Agence France-Presse (AFP). The funeral of the al Kaiti took place on Friday, video of the funeral posted Ruptly.

Unknown assailants shot and killed al-Kaiti near his house in Aden, after which they managed to escape. Sometimes he was filming for Ruptly stories also worked for other agencies, including AFP. He is survived by three children and a pregnant wife.

The expert has called the possible cause of Ruptly stringer in Yemen

Cause stringer videoamanda Ruptly and Agency France Press (AFP) Nabil Hassan al-Kaiti in Yemen could be a video about thermal rockets have one of the leaders of power structures of the separatists from the Transitional Council of South Yemen, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti analyst on Yemen Najib al-Yafi.

At the disposal of RIA Novosti there is a recording of an interview with al-Kaiti demonstrated with his missiles are known in Yemen, field commander Abdel Latif al-Safe, which has earned the recognition of the Transitional Council of South Yemen after capturing government positions in the provincial capital of Abyan Zinjibar. He was appointed commander of the so-called "belt of security forces" in August of last year, when the separatists seized the government of Yemen facilities in the South of the country.