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The Embassy responded to the accusations of German espionage against Russia

Embassy of Russia in Germany drew attention to the "anti-Russian passages" in the report on the work of the operatives, informed the head of the German interior Ministry, Horst Seehofer.

They added that what is happening is not conducive to the positive development of bilateral relations.

In Germany evaluated the influence of Pro-Russian Deutsch RT and Sputnik

Russian media RT Deutsch and Sputnik play a Central role in the provision of Pro-Russian influence in Germany, said the report of interior Ministry of Germany about the work of counterintelligence (BfV, Federal office for the protection of the Constitution) in 2019.

The document stresses that the Russian side "propaganda and actions to influence, including misinformation different groups of addressees" in Germany are engaged in "do not have the structure of secret services". It is including about "some people who mean the Pro-Russian position, allegedly non-governmental associations and the state structures of Russia". These agents of influence "working in social media and discussion sites, and conduct our own sites or act as a supposedly non-state expert centers," the report said.

RT Deutsch launches interactive project "All thoughts of war"

RT Deutsch launches interactive project "All thoughts of war," in which the participants of the Second world war with the Russian and German sides will share their stories about their experiences, reported on the website of the TV channel.

"RT Deutsch is launching a new interactive Russian-German project "All thoughts of war", dedicated to 75-th anniversary of the end of world war II. June 24, the day of the Victory parade, he goes on the Russian language", - stated in the message.

Facebook mistakenly tagged post RT Deutsch about the hospital in Ufa as a fake

Official Facebook checker Fatabyyano marked RT Deutsch post in social networks about the building of a hospital in Ufa as false, reported by the chief editor of the channel Margarita Simonyan.

RT published a Facebook post with a video about the construction of the Ufa hospital for infectious diseases for the treatment of coronavirus-infected patients, but later the record was marked as false.