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"Izvestia": banks want to write off the money from "dormant accounts"

. Russian banks want to get right to deduct money from accounts of citizens, if the owners do not get in touch and update information about them impossible. About this newspaper "Izvestia".

As explained by the publication in "Absolut Bank", which prepares the relevant document, we are talking about writing money for account maintenance and loan payments.

Russian banks continue to reduce mortgage rates

Some Russian banks are planning to lower mortgage rates, while a number of players had already improved the conditions for such lending and further decisions in this area will depend on the market situation, the survey of credit institutions conducted by RIA Novosti.

On Tuesday the savings Bank has lowered rates on mortgages by 0.5 percentage points. According to the Deputy Chairman of the management Board, Bank Vozrozhdenie Natalia Shabuninoj, the credit institution is considering the possibility of reducing in the near future interest rates on mortgage loans on both the primary and the secondary housing. Bank "Zenit" will soon reduce the rate "classic military" mortgage, said Deputy Chairman of the management Board of the Bank Dmitry Yurin.

Banks told as fighting against attempts to remote hacking cards

The application of Gazprombank blocking the entrance of the client, if the device includes software for remote access - credit organization warns that with it scammers can steal banking data. If this approach is to protect customers from malicious users, and how this decision has been circulated to banks, told RIA Novosti the representatives of credit institutions and experts in the field of information security.

The Russians had previously warned about the fraudulent use of credit cards, based in this case on a legal and popular TeamViewer and its peers. While illegal actions do not occur automatically because of the presence on the smartphone of such a program, indicates the head of Department of information security", SearchInform" Alex Drozd. First, the fraudster convinces the victim to install it on your smartphone, then entices the data for the connection - ID and password.