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DLR confirmed the resumption of the suspended launches of Soyuz from Kourou

The start of the Russian carrier rocket "Soyuz-ST" with the satellite of optical-electronic surveillance UAE Falcon Eye 2 from Kourou in French Guiana is planned in mid-October, according to the website of the German centre for air and space DLR.

The launch was scheduled in early March, but was delayed due to problems with the upper stage "Fregat", which was replaced with a spare. However, in mid-March, the Kourou space centre temporarily closed due to pandemic coronavirus, therefore, according to the RIA Novosti source in the rocket and space industry, the launch of Falcon Eye 2 was postponed to 17 October.

The physician called the danger of drinking coffee in the heat

In hot weather it is better to limit the consumption of coffee, not to cause harm to the body. How to avoid dangerous consequences, said in an interview with radio Sputnik physician, immunologist, allergist Irina Yartseva.

Cup of coffee is a regular habit for many Russians. However, a large amount of this drink can lead to dehydration, which is especially dangerous in hot weather, said in an interview with radio Sputnik physician, immunologist, allergist Irina Yartseva.

The height of the ISS orbit lowered to dock with the "Progress"

Specialists conducted the orbit of the International space station, flight altitude is reduced by almost one kilometer for docking cargo vehicle "Progress MS-15", according to Roscosmos.

Initially, the correction was planned for the 10th of July, the altitude was going to increase to 480 meters. But plans changed after the ISS had to make an unplanned evasive action of debris - shatter stage of the Russian rocket "proton", launched in 1987.

SpaceX canceled the launch of the tenth batch of satellites Starlink

The launch of Falcon 9 with a group of Internet-satellites Starlink, which was scheduled for Saturday, is cancelled again, the company said SpaceX.

"Cancel today's launch of the tenth mission Starlink to give more time to check

Scientists have found the earliest evidence of vladychestva in the bronze age

Scientist of the South Ural state University (SUSU) Igor Czechoslov as part of an international team of researchers from Kazakhstan, Russia and the USA have discovered the earliest evidence of the use of horses for horsemen in the bronze age, according to the University.

The article on the results of a multidisciplinary study of the burial of horses published in one of the most prestigious journals of the first quartile Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports.

Skoltech scientists said the formula for water

Russian scientists in cooperation with German colleagues have found that the water contains large amounts of short-lived ions. This radically changes the understanding of the dynamic water structure and approaches to the assessment of acidity. The study is published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Natural water is a composition of a mixture of isotopologues —combinations of different isotopes of oxygen and hydrogen, the two elements that make up water.

Aardvarks have changed their behavior due to global warming

South African scientists have discovered that aardvarks are usually active only at night, began to leave in search of food during the day. The researchers suggest that this is due to climate change and lack of food. Violation of circadian rhythm, according to biologists, may have a negative impact on the survival of these rare mammals and lead to the disruption of the ecosystem as a whole. The study is published in the journal Frontiers in Physiology.

The African aardvark is the only modern representative of the relic squad trubkozuby. Animals remained only in Africa South of the Sahara. They lead a solitary lifestyle, living in burrows, feed on ants and termites.

Tree rings confirmed climate change

The study of annual rings in tree cross-section for the last 600 years showed that extreme climate change began in the middle of the last century. The results were published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Annual rings of trees is a natural document that tells about the climate in a particular period. Working on the creation of the South American drought Atlas (SADA), the scientists analyzed how over the past six centuries, changed the moisture content of the soil in which the trees grow.

Scientists have reproduced the supernova explosion in the laboratory

Creating laboratory conditions of extremely strong magnetic field, scientists have shown that shock waves in it stretched in one direction. This explains the non-spherical shape of supernova remnants. The results were published in the Astrophysical journal.

When the life of a star ends in a supernova explosion, the shock waves from her spread in the environment at a distance of thousands of light years. With a uniform scattering power in all directions, the supernova remnants, in accordance with all the models must be spherically symmetric. However, observations show that most of them or axisymmetric barrel-shaped, i.e. elongated along a single axis and not a spherical.

On the American segment of the ISS was denied power supply unit

Power supply unit refused outside of the American segment of the International space station, is scheduled to be replaced by a new one with the manipulator, said NASA.

As noted on the website space Agency, the failure of the remote control unit power supply happened on 1 July. This unit provides power to one of the computers outside the station.

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