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HSE released the report after the statements of the Professor about the terrorist attack on Dubrovka

Higher school of Economics (HSE) issued a report entitled "Terrorism: no justification". Therefore, the University has responded to the debate on the admissibility of the excuse of terrorism for political ends, according to RBC.

Informed journalist Anna Narinsky wrote in Facebook about their long conversation with the American writer Susan Sontag, in which she called the capture of hostages on Dubrovke "the national liberation struggle of the Chechen people". Review Professor Hasan Huseynov that "all well said, Susan Sontag", users of the social network was seen as a justification of terrorism. In the University promised to give legal assessment of his statement.

The court has stopped manufacture under the claim "Rosneft" to RBC at 43 billion roubles

The Moscow arbitration court has stopped manufacture under the claim "Rosneft", OOO "BusinessPress", founder and publisher of the newspaper RBC, the recovery of 43 billion roubles in reputational harm, most of which appeared in the files of arbitration cases.

The plaintiff also demanded to recognize untrue the information disseminated on the Internet website rbc.ru. "Rosneft" on July 20 filed a petition for waiver of a claim.

Rosneft has withdrawn a lawsuit against RBC at 43 billion roubles

Rosneft withdraws lawsuit against OOO "BusinessPress", founder and publisher of the newspaper RBC, the recovery of 43 billion rubles, told RIA Novosti the representative of the largest Russian oil company.

"The company is satisfied with the result reached in its prior consultations, as well as the position articulated by the editors, and withdraws the claim," - said the Agency interlocutor.

RBC: the CPS has called the country that can resume flights

The CPS has proposed to resume air services with several countries, according to RBC with reference to the letter of the Deputy head of the Department Mikhail Orlov, which he sent to the Federal air transport Agency and the transport Ministry.

The document stated Britain, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Finland, China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Mongolia.

Survey: the proportion of Russians with incomes less than 15 thousand rubles increased to almost 45%

The number of Russian citizens, whose income is less than 15 thousand rubles per month, increased to 44.6% in June, according to RBC, citing a survey by the order of SC "Rosgosstrakh life" together with the scientific and technical center "Perspektiva".

In February this indicator was equal to 38.1 per cent. Also increased the number of Russians living on less than five thousand. In addition, every fifth Respondent reported a significant drop in income due to pandemic coronavirus infection, and every tenth — total loss of earnings.

Chief editor of "Vedomosti" was Alexander Dementyev

Chief editor of "Vedomosti" was Alexander Dementyev, a former head of the online edition of the RBC, said the editor of media Ksenia Balicka.

"Chief editor of "Vedomosti" was Alexander Dementyev. Before was IT the RBC, then headed the online edition of the RBC, and the last few years working in the Rambler," wrote Bolarka in his Telegram channel.

To combat coronavirus in Kazakhstan proposed the tactic of "three T"

There is currently no vaccine against coronavirus and there is no herd immunity, we need to implement the strategy of "three T", told RBC Director of the Institute of public health HSE Larisa Popovich.

This strategy includes the following points: traffic — that is, the closure of the borders, testing — the most extensive testing for early detection, including asymptomatic carriers, as well as treysing — track the chain of contacts in order to interrupt the chain of infection by coronavirus.

Coronavirus found the employees of the Kiev 35 shops and restaurants

Coronavirus infection COVID-19 revealed the 35 employees of the Kiev restaurants, markets and shops, said Hlushchenko of Ukraine Oleg Ruban.

"Regarding restaurants - there are instances among the staff. Overall this is a 35 entities - market operators that carry out the circulation of food. These include shops, supermarkets and restaurants", - said Ruban Agency "RBC-Ukraine".