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Russia sent Nicaragua a test system for the diagnosis COVID-19

Russia sent Nicaragua 320 sets of test-systems for diagnostics COVID-19 and transferred to 37 thousand units of personal protective equipment, the report said the Russian foreign Ministry.

Batch of humanitarian aid to combat coronavirus delivered on 2 July, the airline Air Azur aimed to export Russian citizens from Caracas, Quito, San Jose and other points in Central America.

The flight from Ecuador to return home Russians from Bolivia and Peru

Export a flight from Ecuador is planned for July 1, returned home Russians from Bolivia and Peru, told RIA Novosti at the Russian Embassy in Ecuador.

As reported by RIA Novosti head of the consular Department of the Russian Embassy in Bolivia Yakov Fedorov, from the Latin American country through Ecuador will return home for two Russian women, in Bolivia they were at work. Women have flown in Quito.

In the capital of Ecuador after quarantine resumed trade

Ecuador's capital Quito on Wednesday, "epidemiological traffic light" has moved to the yellow phase, which allowed to resume half the commercial activity after 78 days of sanitary prohibitions against the background of the fight against coronavirus.

"We are seeing the formation of habits of Biosafety among the citizens", - said on the results of inspections and investigations, the Deputy Minister of public security of Ecuador's Guillermo Rodriguez, the words of the official results publication Comercio.