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Australian giraffe is recognized as the highest in the world

In the Australian zoo live giraffe, caught in the Guinness Book of records as the tallest in the world. His height is five and a half meters, according to Upi.

The family of Bindi Irwin owns a zoo in the city of BILLA, Queensland. In social networks, they announced that their giraffe named Forrest officially recognized as the world's tallest giraffe.

In Australia, the owls fell in the black list of the hotel for bad behavior

In one of the hotels in Queensland two EMUs learned to climb the steps and began to disturb guests, for which he was denied access to a hotel, according to Travel and Leisure.

Ostriches name is Kevin and Carol, they grew up nearby. Previously, poultry was a local landmark, but then become a burden to guests. EMU learned how to climb stairs and began to steal food and personal items at the hotel. So, one of them stole the car keys and looked inside the bathroom.

The Australian government has announced Sydney as the new hotbed of coronavirus

Sydney in the Australian state of New South Wales announced a new outbreak of the coronavirus in the country because of the larger number of infected, said the Premier of Queensland Anastasia of Palauk.

"Sydney is now declared a hotbed COVID-19. Saturday 01.00 (18.00 GMT Friday), none of Sydney will not be admitted to the territory of Queensland. We move quickly and put the health of residents of Queensland in the first place," - said in a statement, Palasek on Twitter.

In Australia a curious Koala looked at the warehouse

Australian lighting company in the social network shared a photo of a Koala who looked to them in the warehouse, reports Upi.

The warehouse is located in the suburbs of the gold coast, Queensland. Workers spotted the animal in the afternoon and called Lumi. The animal was not afraid of people and let himself be photographed.

In Australia due to shark attack killed 20-year-old diver

In Australia, the 20-year-old diver died after a shark attack off the coast of Queensland, according to ABC News.

For athlete attacked on the Eastern side of Fraser island. Doctor and nurse at the scene provided first aid until rescuers arrived by helicopter. But the diver that the shark bit his leg, has died on the shore, reported the Queensland ambulance service.