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Scientists have found a link between stress hormone and blood sugar levels

American doctors discovered the link between cortisol levels and high blood sugar in people with type II diabetes. The study is published in the journal psychoneuroendocrinology is.

Scientists from the medical center of the Wexner of Ohio state University and the medical College of Ohio conducted a study among people with type II diabetes and depression at the same time, and found that these diseases are interrelated. The authors found in these patients, a clear relationship between the levels of the stress hormone cortisol and glucose.

The psychologist commented on the divorce Kharlamov and Asmus

Humorist Garik Kharlamov and actress Christina Asmus could have come to the decision to divorce due to another crisis in relations, said family psychologist Natalia Panfilova in an interview with "Fifth channel".

According to the specialist, in any marriage there are several crisis periods, the first of which — the so-called "year of adjustment". After him followed three years of marriage, in which a keen sense of relations cons and pros on the contrary, depreciate.