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The leader of the opposition factions of the Armenian Parliament Tsarukyan sick COVID-19

The coronavirus identified from the leader of Armenian opposition parliamentary faction of "prosperous Armenia" Gagik Tsarukyan, reported Tuesday RIA Novosti his lawyer Emin Khachatryan.

According to him, earlier COVID-19 was detected in the son of Tsarukyan.

In Armenia the opposition has stated to the Prosecutor about the "usurpation of authority" of the COP

Three Armenian opposition party "prosperous Armenia, "homeland" and "Dashnaktsutiun" on Tuesday filed to the Prosecutor General's statement, accusing the representatives of state authorities usurping the powers of the constitutional court and the overthrow of the constitutional order in connection with the amendments to the Basic law, said the representative of the party "Fatherland" Arsen Babayan.

Earlier, the Armenian Parliament adopted the ruling faction of the "step" the draft amendments to the Constitution providing for the termination of powers of the head of the constitutional court, which will remain the judge of KS. The amendments also suggest the dismissal of constitutional court judges who together hold this position for at least 12 years. Thus, according to the amendments, the head of the COP Hrayr Tovmasyan is shifted from the position and powers of the three judges stop. Former Deputy speaker of the Parliament, former Minister of justice Arpine Hovhannisyan said that the government can't sack judges of the constitutional court, not yet amended the relevant article of the law.

MP: Armenia's constitutional court have 15 days to decide whether the claim of the opposition

The constitutional court of Armenia have 15 days to decide whether to take part in the proceedings of the opposition parliamentary faction "prosperous Armenia", which challenges the previously made amendments to the Main Law providing for the displacement of the head of the constitutional court, told journalists on Friday the Deputy of the faction Naira Zohrabyan.

"Yesterday we sent an electronic version of the appeal to the constitutional court, and today has distributed the paper version of the head of the staff of the constitutional court, Edgar Ghazaryan. He said that there is a certain procedure. Within 15 days it must be decided whether it is the appeal to the production," said Zohrabyan.

Protection Kocharian dismisses claims of constitutional court

Protection ex-the President of Armenia Robert Kocharian dismisses claims from the constitutional court not to interfere with the deputies to appeal to the court of changes in the basic law providing for the termination of powers of the head of the COP, said on Thursday to journalists by the lawyer of the former President, Aram Orbelyan.

Earlier, the parliamentary faction of the opposition party "prosperous Armenia" said that initiates the collection of signatures of at least 1/5 of the total number of deputies (27 MPs) to appeal to the constitutional court to challenge the amendments to the basic law, providing for the termination of powers of the head of the COP. The party urged the second opposition faction of Armenia to join the initiative to gain the necessary number of signatures. On Wednesday, the leader of the "Light of Armenia" Edmon Marukyan said that political power will appeal to the COP for amendments after discussion, the constitutional court of the Kocharian, to avoid politicization of the issue, the first meeting of the COP on the case is scheduled for July 7.

Another two deputies of the Armenian Parliament reported they have identified COVID-19

Two deputies of the Armenian Parliament announced Wednesday that passed the tests for coronavirus, which showed a positive result.

On Tuesday, the Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly (Parliament) from the opposition party "prosperous Armenia" party Vahe Enfiajyan said to have contracted the coronavirus, but feels well, no complaints. Enfiajyan became the first Armenian parliamentarian who has revealed the coronavirus.

The President changed the procedure for constitutional amendments

The President of Armenia Armen Sargsyan signed adopted on 22 June the National Assembly (Parliament) the amendments allow not to send him for signature approved by legislature constitutional amendments, said on Wednesday the presidential press service.

The amendments allow the speaker not to send to the President by the constitutional changes, and to publish them within seven days. While constitutional changes will take effect the day after publication.

Vice-speaker of the Armenian Parliament of Enfiajyan sick COVID-19

Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly (Parliament) from the opposition party "prosperous Armenia" party Vahe Enfiajyan reported that it passed the test for the coronavirus, which showed a positive result.

"Dear compatriots, I passed the test for COVID-19. Just found out that the test is positive. I should note that my health is good, at the moment, no disturbing, no complaints. Be well," wrote Enfiajyan in Facebook.

A Yerevan court refused to arrest Tsarukyan for bribery of voters

The court in Yerevan refused on Sunday to arrest the head of the Armenian opposition parliamentary faction of "prosperous Armenia" Gagik Tsarukyan, who is accused of bribing voters in the parliamentary elections of 2017, said Sunday his lawyer EREM Sargsyan.

On Tuesday, Parliament of Armenia has satisfied the petition of the public Prosecutor on the resolution on prosecution and arrest of the leader of "Prosperous Armenia" Tsarukyan. The opposition want to involve under article "complicity in bribe voters, violations of the ban on charity during elections or obstructing free expression of will of voters". The attorney General's claim that a sane Tsarukyan act was committed in the run-up to parliamentary elections on 2 April 2017. Politician suspected of creating an organized group to bribe the voters. Sam Tsarukyan calls the charges political persecution.

At a fraction of Tsarukyan had announced boycott of the session of the Armenian Parliament

Members of the parliamentary faction of "prosperous Armenia" leader Gagik Tsarukyan was on Tuesday stripped of parliamentary immunity, said the boycott of the work of the legislature.

According to him, the authorities are trying to silence political opponents, leading Armenia to a dead end. Nalbandyan also expressed the opinion that among the ruling faction were the deputies who disagree with imposed on them by a vote of depriving Tsarukyan's parliamentary immunity. The process he called illegal.

The Armenian Parliament has authorized the arrest of Tsarukyan in the case of bribery of voters

The Armenian Parliament approved on Tuesday the petition of the public Prosecutor for permission to arrest of the head of the opposition faction "prosperous Armenia" Gagik Tsarukyan, whom the militiamen suspected of bribing voters in the parliamentary elections of 2017, reported Chairman of the audit Committee Vahagn Hovakimyan.

Previously the legislature granted the petition of the General Prosecutor Arthur Davtyan criminal prosecution of Tsarukyan, bringing him as a defendant, and the arraignment. Davtyan also asked to allow the arrest of the MP, expressing the view that bailing and using their personal connections and financial resources, Tsarukyan may impede the investigation, to influence the defendants in the case.

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