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Scientists have found the causes of aggression mosquitoes

Researchers at Princeton University have solved the mystery casaceli mosquitoes – their aggression against people due to global warming and urbanization, evidence published Thursday in the journal Current Biology finding.

The research noticed that only a few of the more than 3.5 thousand species of mosquitoes bite humans and become dangerous carriers of infectious diseases. Scientists have tried to answer the question of what provokes the individual members of the species to be more aggressive to people than their congeners. According to the published study, scientists have identified two main factors – climate change and the urban environment.

"Would not climb better" Pushkov ridiculed the words of the historian of the United States to Russia

The head of the Federation Council Commission for information policy and media relations, Alexei Pushkov criticized the words of the Dean of the faculty of African American studies at Princeton University Eddie Glod about "racism in Russia".

Earlier in interview to the German newspaper Spiegel Glod said that "panic and manic attempts to" politicians to stop the protests in the United States testify to "the dying wheezes of a dying old America." Speaking of racism, the expert expressed the view that this issue also exists in Europe and, in particular, in Russia.