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Two ex-policemen in Primorye wanted to hide the accidental murder on hunting

Two former police officers and the father of one of them will appear before the court in Primorye for the fact that while illegal hunting, one of them accidentally killed a man, and then they hid the body and misled the investigation, according to the Prosecutor's edge.

During the night of 25 October 2019 in the forest near the village of a Mirror while hunting in the 37-year-old local resident was shot from a firearm. After that, the man disappeared. A criminal case was initiated under article "Murder". The body was later found. The investigators reported that in the premises of the police Department Kavalerovo "police used unlawful methods of investigation to the local resident" who witnessed the murder in the woods. Opened a head case under article "excess of powers of office". Three employees MO the Ministry of internal Affairs "Kavalerovsky" were detained, two of them were arrested, one was placed under house arrest. The police also began checking. In March it was reported that three policemen, including chief of criminal investigation Department MO of the Ministry of interior "Kavalerovsky", dismissed the results of verification of the incident with the abuse of power in a murder investigation. In relation to two police officers continued to check. Ministry of internal Affairs reported that the murder suspect in the woods civil.

In the Primorye territory will strengthen the medical team due to delays in the arrival of the ambulance

The authorities of Primorye decided to strengthen the medical team because of a problem long waiting for the ambulance in the background of the situation with coronavirus, told journalists the Minister of health of the region Anastasia Hudchenko.

According to her, the challenges to people with suspected coronavirus in a separate ambulance.

In Primorye planned hospitalization will resume after July 15,

Planned hospitalization in Primorye, which was suspended because of the situation with coronavirus, will resume after July 15, told journalists the Minister of health of the region Anastasia Hudchenko.

In mid-April, authorities in the region said that the planned hospitalization in Primorye because of the situation with coronavirus in most cases suspended, except for patients with cancer, cardiovascular disease, haematological disease and on hemodialysis.

Primorye has risen to 21st place in the National INVESTRATING

Primorsky Krai rose to 21st position in the National rating of investment climate and took 34 th place, according to the government of the region.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday held a video session of the Supervisory Council of the Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI). General Director of the Agency Svetlana Cumshewa presented the results of the National rating of investment climate in regions of Russia by the end of 2019.

In Vladivostok, the ship came to clean the sea from large-scale pollution

The ship marine rescue service on the morning of Friday came to the clearing of the water area in the center of Vladivostok, where the fixed large-scale pollution, told RIA Novosti the representative of the state institution Primorsky Krai on fire safety, Affairs GO and CHS.

On Thursday local media and social networks published a photo from the beach in the city center, they are seen as the substance of white and brown color covers a large area along the coast. Witnesses indicated that the film - buttery, and publishing VL.ru reported that by Thursday evening the foam was spread for many miles along the coast. In the Pacific the Department of Rosprirodnadzor RIA Novosti reported that being tested information.

In Primorye for the first time revealed African swine fever in wild boars

Experts was first diagnosed with African swine fever (ASF) in wild boars in the area chuguyivsky district of Primorye, according to regional management Rosselkhoznadzor.

At the end of June was confirmed by the presence of DNA of the ASF virus in domestic pigs in the farm in the village of Yablunivka Yakovlevsky district. Previously, the disease in the district of Primorye was not registered.

Feast Day of the Navy in Vladivostok was canceled, but the parade of ships will take place

Military-sports festival in honor of Navy Day in Vladivostok this year will not take place and the parade of ships will take place in the Golden horn Bay, told journalists the head of Department of information support a press-services VVO on Pacific fleet Nikolay Voskresenskiy.

"Military-sports festival with a demonstration of the combat capabilities of naval forces and a pageant are planned. The decision Starfleet made based on the fact that in the capital of Primorye, still in effect quarantine measures that restrict the conduct of mass events", - said the resurrection.

In Primorye all the flooded rain the roads were freed from water

All the roads that are flooded during the rains at the end of June in Primorye, freed from water, said on Tuesday the regional government.

After heavy rains on June 26 in Vladivostok flooded the streets in the districts of Primorye flood and washed away roads, on the morning of 29 June was limited or no travel at 11 stations. Authorities imposed a state of emergency on the territory of Chuguevsky and Kavalerovsky districts.

The Russians began a thicket to break the arms and legs

The number of broken arms in Russia increased in 2019 compared to 2018 by 32 thousands, of broken legs by 21 thousand, with the hand break more often than legs, follows from the data of statistical compilation of the Ministry of health of Russia, seen by RIA Novosti.

The number of fractures of the upper extremities per 100 thousand population amounted in Russia to 2019 1055,3 in 2018 – 1033,1, the number of fractures of the lower extremities – 711,6 in 2019, 697 in 2018, the document States.

The Russians warned of the dangerous weather in the coming days

In a number of Russian regions in the coming days, expected to extreme heat and severe thunderstorms, said the head of the laboratory of the hydrometeorological centre Lyudmila Parshina in an interview with "Russian newspaper".

Rainy weather is promised in the next three days in most parts of the Central district, places the storm will be exacerbated by thunderstorms and strong wind. While daytime temperatures will be from 23 to 29 degrees, and in the South of the County, in particular, in the Voronezh and Belgorod regions can reach up to 37 degrees because of the air of the Eastern Mediterranean. As noted, when at times it only will be harder to overheat.

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