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Storm "of Chanmi" touches two of the Russian region

Originated above the waters of the Philippine sea, tropical storm "of Chanmi" (Jangmi) on 11 August will have a weak influence on the Primorye and August 12 will be released on Sakhalin, according to Primgidromet.

As noted by the head of Primgidromet Boris Kubay, whose words are reported, 10 August, the whirlwind will come to the Korean Peninsula.

In Primorye, the girl "sold his soul to the devil" over 93 thousand rubles

Police arrested 18-year-old resident of Vladivostok, which according to investigators, deceived the 16-year-old known by 93 thousand rubles, describing himself as a conductor between man and the devil, and promised to ensure the fulfillment of desires, according to the Ministry of internal Affairs for the Primorsky Krai.

The police asked a resident of Vladivostok, who told us that the cheater cheated her daughter. As militiamen found out, 16-year-old girl met a young man, which previously went to the same school. He said that he enjoys magic and knows how to read Tarot cards, read minds, inducing damage.

Susanna with a baby in her arms threatened to set fire to gas cylinder

A resident of Primorye, holding her 7-month-old baby, threatened to set fire to the balloon at the site with equipment, said on Monday the regional Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Police arrived on the scene and persuaded the man to abandon the arson. The offender was arrested. It was the 23-year-old previously convicted resident of the village of Lipovtsy. The child gave the mother - a 32-year-old mistress of a young man. Later the baby was taken to the hospital for rehabilitation at the time of trial.

In Primorye, the doctors will get doplata for combating coronavirus

Nearly seven thousand physicians in Primorye will receive a fee for combating coronavirus in July and August, allocated 420 million rubles, reports the regional government.

According to the Ministry of health of the region, which is provided in the message, receive payments working with COVID-patients medical staff and ambulance drivers, cleaners, disinfectors and others.

Environmentalists are asked not to feed released from the "whale jail" Beluga

The environmental coalition "freedom of the orcas and the Beluga whales" called on residents and guests of Primorye at the meeting released from the "whale jail" Beluga whales do not iron them, and try not to play with them.

Recently in social networks, the residents of Primorye often publish a video of the meeting with Beluga whales, including the waters of Vladivostok. On one of the videos people are trying to pet the animal.

In Primorye per day died four patients with coronavirus

Four patients with the coronavirus during the day, for the first time died in Primorye, the total number of cases reached 6.5 thousand, according to the government of the region.

Previously, the region recorded no more than two deaths from the coronavirus in the day.

In Primorye in August will be held a bilateral tactical exercises

Over four thousand soldiers in early August, will take part in the bilateral tactical exercises on the firing range Sergeevskoe in Primorye, according to the head of the press service of the Eastern military district Colonel Alexander Gordeev.

"In early August in Seaside combined arms army of the Eastern military district will start bilateral tactical exercises. On the ground Sergeevskoe of Primorsky Krai more than four thousand troops to train of marches, equipment, strongholds, establishing communication systems, devices, fortifications, and tactical actions of the units in defense and offense day and night," - said Gordeev.

In Primorye hope that cashback for tourists will help the development of SMEs

A new program to support demand for tourism in Russia in 2020 could stimulate tour operators in creating competitive rounds and, as expected, in General, will help the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the Primorsky territory, told RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the regional government Konstantin Shestakov.

Earlier, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin said that the government had decided to give the tourism industry an additional 15 billion rubles for the development of domestic tourism. The money will be spent on partial compensation of expenses to the people who are up to the end of this year decide to relax in the Russian regions. The refund amount will be from 5 to 15 thousand rubles, depending on the cost of the tour. Conditions for obtaining public funds are: the price of 25 thousand rubles, the purchase of a voucher from a tour operator on domestic tourism, included in the registry, or directly with the hotel through netsystem "World", the duration is not less than five nights. The Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) reported that cashback will be provided for tour packages for 44 regions of Russia, including Primorski Krai.

In Vladivostok and Kamchatka held a parade in honor of Navy day

On the Kamchatka Peninsula and in Vladivostok held a parade on the occasion of the day of the Navy of Russia, said the head of Department of information support a press-services VVO on Pacific fleet captain second rank Nikolai Voskresensky.

It is noted that inspection of the ships occurred in the waters of the Golden horn Bay for the first time in the modern history of the Pacific fleet. The ceremony of the raising of the flags took place on a military ship-Museum "Red Vympel", located on the eternal boner the waterfront, as well as a submarine Museum s-56.

In Primorye, the number of cases of coronavirus, has exceeded six thousand men

The number of cases of coronavirus in Primorye per day increased by 112 and reached 6060, according to the government of the region.

"The number of cases of coronavirus in Primorye, continues to grow, per day identified 112 new cases total number since the epidemic began – 6060... During the day, recovered 91 people, just won infection 4525 patients, 62 in treatment Primorye – in a grave condition", - is spoken in the message.

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