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Storm "of Chanmi" touches two of the Russian region

Originated above the waters of the Philippine sea, tropical storm "of Chanmi" (Jangmi) on 11 August will have a weak influence on the Primorye and August 12 will be released on Sakhalin, according to Primgidromet.

As noted by the head of Primgidromet Boris Kubay, whose words are reported, 10 August, the whirlwind will come to the Korean Peninsula.

The water in some rivers in Primorye has risen by almost two meters

The rains led to the rise of the water level in some rivers of Primorye up to 1.8 meters, according to Primgidromet.

The rains began in Primorye on Saturday evening, June 20. The rivers formed a flood, flooded the lowlands. Forecasters reported that the most significant rise of water level up to 0.8 meters per day - celebrated on the rivers of the basin of the Ussuri river in the Central parts of the province, and warned about the risk of flooding villages. Travel in Yakovlevsky district is limited due to modulations of the road after rains.