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Investigators began to see places in Minsk, where were the protests

Investigators in Minsk carried out the inspection of the place where the past, unauthorized street protests, according to Sputnik of Belarus.

"In the center of Minsk is working investigative team, is inspection of the incident scene. Employees insurance ask people not to disturb their work and disperse," the Agency says.

In Belarus began protests and clashes after the polls closed

Presidential elections in Belarus ended on Sunday, demonstrating a high turnout of 79%. After the announcement of first data of exit poll, according to which incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko wins, gaining 79.7% of the votes, the situation escalated: the voters at the call of the opposition began to gather at polling stations to "control the vote count" in some cities, arrests started, police began to disperse the protesters.

Voters could vote for one of five candidates for the presidency: it is the co-Chairman of public Association "Tell the truth" Andrey Dmitriev, ex-Deputy Anna Konopacka, the acting head of state Alexander Lukashenko, a housewife of svetalana Tikhanovski, the Chairman of the party "Belarusian social-democratic Gramada" Sergey Cerecer. At the same time Belarusians would vote against all candidates.

The interior Ministry responded to a question about victims of the protests in Minsk, the security forces

Operational situation in the headquarters set up in connection with the conduct of the Belarus presidential election, has information that during the unauthorized protests in Minsk were injured, law enforcement officials, told RIA news the press-Secretary of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Republic Olga Chemodanova.

"While no such information", - she said, answering the question of whether victims of law enforcement officers during protests in Minsk.

An Exit poll showed the victory at the elections Lukashenko 79.7% of the votes

. Incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko is leading in the elections in Belarus, showed the exit poll data.

He scores almost 80 percent, while Svetlana Tikhanovski – 6.8 percent.

In Minsk, hospitalized the victim to the protests of the operator AP

The operator Assosiated Press were injured during an unauthorized protest in Central Minsk, he was taken to the 10th hospital, reports Sputnik of Belarus.

"Operator Assosiated Press, the victim in the course of the campaign, taken to the 10th hospital. Mstislav Chernov worked around the stele, where they held an unauthorized rally. As explained to the correspondent of Sputnik in the emergency room of the medical institution, the reporter can talk and walk on their own. At the moment he passes the examination", - stated in the message.

In different parts of Minsk are continuing skirmishes between security forces and protesters

Clashes policemen and participants of unsanctioned opposition rallies continue in different parts of Minsk, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

In particular, a large number of representatives of Riot police continued to push protesters on the Masherov Avenue. Security forces used stun grenades, tear gas and water cannons. The ambulance takes away from the scene of the clashes of both protesters and policemen

The interior Ministry of Belarus said that control of the situation

The interior Ministry of Belarus is monitoring the situation on mass events, according to Sputnik of Belarus.

"The interior Ministry fully controls the situation in Minsk and other regional cities," - said in an online broadcast of the Agency.

At the headquarters Tikhanovski fear that the authorities will blame the opposition for riots

Press Secretary of the candidate in presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski Anna krasulina said that there are fears that the government decides to accuse his rivals in the presidential elections in the riots in Minsk.

"We understand that the government can impose such tomorrow. Power start violence, and always blame others", - Krasulin has told RIA Novosti.

Staff Tikhanovski appealed to the security forces

The staff of the candidate in presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski urged law enforcement authorities to protect peaceful protesters and does not violate the Belarusian legislation, said the representative teams policy Olga kovalkova.

"We urge law enforcement authorities to protect the safety of Belarusians and not to break the law. We are peaceful people, we do not provoke and act within the law - we have the constitutional right to peaceful protest," - said Koval'kova at a press conference in Minsk.

Belarusian police have tightened

The entire staff of the Belarusian police transferred to the strengthened mode of service in connection with mass actions of the presidential election, told Sputnik of Belarus, the official representative of the Ministry of interior of the Republic Olga Chemodanova.

In addition, she said, additional forces involved.

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