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In Portland arrested nine rioters

Police detained nine participants of the protests and unrest that occurred earlier in the U.S. city of Portland, said in a statement law enforcement officers.

Earlier, local law enforcement agencies reported that protesters in Portland late on Saturday evening local time, set the fire police Association of the city and used a blinding laser against police officers, three police officers were injured. To 02.00 local time (12.00 GMT) most of the protesters dispersed.

Lawlessness and disorder. Trump can not calm the rebellious Portland

In American Portland two months has experienced a series of riots. At first there appeared Autonomous zone without the police, now fenced off from protesters by the security forces. They were sent to the city to protect government buildings, which local activists are not happy: for them, the decision of the White house — a violation of the Constitution and not attempt to restore "law and order". What happens on the West coast of the United States, understood to RIA Novosti.

"I'm so tired! A single mother, work full-time and forced every night to spend here! Because you can't talk on the street about what life black important! Your building and the stupid feds we don't care about! And the lives of blacks — no!"

Federal forces US to leave Portland

Federal US forces leave American Portland, where there are riots, they will be replaced by the local police, said the Governor of Oregon Kate brown.

"After discussions with the Vice President (Mike) pence and the other, the Federal government agreed to withdraw Federal officers from Portland. They were acting as occupying forces and brought with them violence. Starting tomorrow, all officers of the Border guard and customs service officers and immigration and customs enforcement leave the center of Portland," wrote brown on Twitter.

Trump said that the Federal forces can return to Portland

The US President Donald trump said that Federal forces can return to the Portland (Oregon), if local authorities will impose order there.

Federal forces will leave us in Portland, they will replace the local police, said earlier the Governor of Oregon Kate brown.

In Portland the attack with a knife has injured several people

The knife attack, which injured several people, happened in Portland (Oregon), city police are investigating.

Police say the incident occurred Tuesday at 22.39 local time (Wednesday 08.39 GMT) in the area Montavilla to the East of Portland.

Trump accused the media of distorting information about the protests

Trump accused the media of distorting data on the participation of Federal forces in the crackdown on protests in Seattle and Portland, he stated on Monday.

According to him, in Portland Federal forces are also "to protect Federal property, including the courthouse, which (without them) would not have lasted a day."

Media reported about the beginning of the investigation against protesters in Portland

The Federal Bureau of investigation, the United States launched an investigation against the organizers and participants of night disorders in Portland, according to the publication the Washington Examiner, citing sources.

The investigation is conducted against the groups and individuals behind the unrest, during which protesters attacked Federal agents and the Federal agencies.

In Portland Federal agents dispersed the protesters

The Federal law enforcement officials broke up a mass protest in the U.S. Portland, where the excitement did not subside for nearly two months, attempts by the city police to push the protesters further away, almost unopposed, on Sunday, reports the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

In order to push the protesters from the courthouse, Federal agents again used tear gas.

In Portland are clashes between protesters and Federal agents

Clashes between protesters and Federal agents continued to American Portland, where for more than 50 days did not abate the excitement, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

To disperse hundreds of protesters near the courthouse, Federal agents again used tear gas and stun grenades. This occurred after several dozen protesters began to shake the fence around the courthouse and throw it through her firecrackers and incendiary shells.

In Portland, the court refused to prohibit detentions by Federal security forces

In the United States court refused to impose a temporary ban on the holding of the Federal law enforcement agencies of arrests during the protests in Portland, who was made attorney General of Oregon, said in a court document.

Earlier it was reported that the attorney General of Oregon, Ellen Rosenblum wants to achieve a temporary ban on police detentions, arguing that those held for no apparent reason. It was noted that the defendants are the Department of homeland security, U.S. marshals, Customs and border protection service and the Federal security service of the United States.

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