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Flight of airline "Russia" was taken from Thailand to the homeland 432 Russians

Export flight of airline "Russia" on Thursday from Thailand flew Home 432 Russians, told RIA Novosti at the Russian Embassy in Bangkok.

The flight, designed to export Russian citizens stuck in Thailand because of the limitations associated with the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID19, first took on Board 225 Russians on Phuket island, and then landed in Bangkok, where he took on Board another 207 passengers, and then flew to Moscow, have informed Agency in the Embassy.

On Thursday, the Russians will return home from Thailand, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan

Export the flights to Russia from Thailand, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan is planned on Thursday, announced the Ministry of communications.

Russians will be able to return from Bangkok, Phuket, Tashkent to Moscow, and from Bishkek to Novosibirsk.

Bars and clubs in Phuket opened, but asking for help

The owners of the bars and clubs of Patong has asked the government for help, reports The Phuket News.

The President of the Association of Patong entertainment business (REVA) Wirawit Reasonbut gave the government a written request for assistance and support to institutions and their employees. Since the beginning of April to the 1st of July bars and clubs were closed, now they started accepting visitors, but due to the lack of tourists count on a significant number of customers is not necessary.

On the beach of Thailand found an unusual nest of the leatherback turtle

The leatherback turtle nest with eggs was found on the beach, Thai Muang, North of Phuket, according to The Phuket News.

Head of the operational center of the Second marine national Park, Phuket Preop Plangger, explained that on the coast found traces of turtles.

Five resorts in Thailand are open to foreigners in August

Five resorts in Thailand can open up for foreign tourists in August, there will be allowed to bring guests from all countries, reports the Bangkok Post citing the Ministry of tourism and sports.

"Thailand can restart the international tourist market in August, earlier than expected. As Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak asked our Department to prepare for the resumption of the reception of foreign guests", — said the Minister of tourism and sports Fifat Ratchadaporn.

In Phuket told me how to wear a mask on the beach

Phuket tourist police continued to monitor the compliance with safety rules on the beach, including wearing masks, according to The Phuket News.

According to her, the beach is equipped with signs and information boards reminding the rules. One of the characters is a portrait of the most Kebsap in the protective means and with the caption "Wear a mask".

On Monday, the Russians will return home from Thailand, Israel and Cyprus

Export the flights to Russia from Thailand, Israel, Tajikistan, Cyprus is planned Monday, said the Ministry of communications.

Expected flights from Phuket and Bangkok to Novosibirsk, Moscow and Saint Petersburg from Larnaca to Moscow from Dushanbe to Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg, from tel Aviv to Moscow.

In Thailand, three Russians detained for illegal entry into the country

Three of the seven Russians, who constitute the crew of the Russian sailing sports yacht Uminoko stuck in the port of the island of Phuket in Thailand on March 25 because of COVID-19, detained by immigration police of the island on charges of illegally crossing the beach and entering the country. Embassy of the Russian Federation said that assists, and in April appealed to the Thai authorities asking for assistance in resolving the situation.

"Today's scheduled court hearing, which will consider their case," added the captain.

Phuket to promote tourism through a special website

The tourism authority of Thailand (TAT) in Phuket, in cooperation with partners from the public and private sectors, has launched a website for the promotion of tourist offers of the region, reports TTG Asia.

The project is aimed at helping the officially registered local tour operators to promote their services.

Export Board the "Aurora" brought the Russians from Phuket to Vladivostok

Export flight of the airline "Aurora" with the Russians arrived on the island of Phuket (Thailand) to Vladivostok, from the data-line Russian airport.

The plane landed in Vladivostok later planned – at 09.40 local time (02.40 GMT).

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