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In the US, the bear pulled the curious cub from someone else's house

Family from North Carolina became the witness of how little bear got to their house. Then came to him the mother bear and took the cub with him, reports NDTV.

Sumer Walser Williams wife woke up early in the morning from their home barking dog. It turned out, the dog was excited by the appearance of bears. In a few minutes the couple heard strange noises. They looked out and saw the bear, standing on two legs at the front door.

In the UK, the owners found the missing cat after 12 years

The family of Davis of the County of greater Manchester found his missing cat 12 years later, reports The Guardian.

A cat named Georgie went missing in one of the holidays that the family decided to spend on the shores of Loch Lomond in Scotland in 2008. The cat ran away and never came back. And only now, blagodarya microchip, the owners received a notification that it found.

In the UK, the cat walked 64 miles to return to owners

A ginger cat named Garfield ran away from its new owners and a month and a half getting to continue, reports The Sun.

Neil and Lisa Payne gave Garfield to other owners when their children moved out. But three-year-old cat disappeared from home new owners on June 20. A month later he showed up to his former home, Neal found him on the doorstep. According to him, "cat cried and looked plaintively at him."

The handlers told what not to feed dogs

Proper and balanced diet – the key to good health and longevity of your beloved dog. In Russian kennel Federation (RKF), RIA Novosti said, what foods dangerous for dogs and made recommendations that will help to maintain the health of Pets for many years.

According to him, feed the dog only a specially selected dry food or natural diet with addition of vitamin-mineral complexes, if to consult with your veterinarian. In the first case, the animal will receive all the necessary trace elements from the feed, and the second to compensate for the deficiency with supplements.

Study: Russians have increased the interest in buying Pets

The Russians in the second quarter of 2020 has increased the interest in purchasing domestic animals, and cats citizens interested in active than dogs, according to the RIA news service for posting ads to "Craigslist".

If still in service, cost, and cats, and dogs increased. So, dogs in April-June were worth 12% more than in the first quarter, and 20% more than a year ago. The average purchase of dogs at the site can cost 12,4 thousand roubles.

In the US, found cat, lost ten years ago

At the animal shelter in Utah found a cat that went missing ten years ago, reports Upi.

Recently, the man, who wished to remain anonymous, was brought into the shelter a stray cat and said that for a long time to feed him before going to move to a new place of residence.

In the United States the missing dog was found in an unexpected place

In Kansas missing dog, and a week later were found in the same house with their owners, 90 kilometers away from the current home, reports Upi.

A Golden Retriever named Cleo is missing in Plains, Kansas. And a week later returned to the house in which he and his owners lived more than two years ago in Lawson, Missouri. The distance between the houses is about 90 kilometers.

The dog was named the most popular nicknames for dogs

The Russian cynological Federation (RKF) told RIA Novosti, as often the Russians call their dogs: first place is nicknamed Oscar, is a traditional Soviet Fido and Friend leave in the past.

According to RKF, the most popular nickname on the basis of data collected during the year, was nicknamed Oscar. In second place Jasmine, third place ranking is Olivia.

The dog was named the best dog breeds for children

Russian kennel Federation specifically to the Day of protection of children have prepared a list of dog breeds that are best suited as a friend and companion for a child.

"Before you take the dog, explain to your child that the animal is not a toy, it demands attention, respect and care. Try to go to visit friends with the dog, read and watch training materials with your child so you can prepare for the arrival of the puppy home", he added.