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The court overturned the conviction of a police officer in the case of "Petrozavodsk maniac"

. Karelia Supreme court on Tuesday overturned the acquittal of the three police officers who were accused of negligence after the murder "Petrozavodsk maniac" Anton Ipatov two girls, told RIA Novosti the representative of the court.

Earlier it was reported that in September 2018 Ipatov killed the two girls, who met him on the street, in total he paid them 25 stab wounds. The investigation noted that three months before this Ipatov smashed drinking companion in the head and stabbed in the chest with an underage neighbor, and if law enforcement agencies decided against Ipatova decisive action, the murder could have been prevented.

The court arrested the speaker of the city Council of Petrozavodsk in the case of the bribe

. The speaker of the Petrozavodsk city Council Gennadiy Bodnarchuk arrested for two months on charges of bribery, have informed RIA Novosti the press service of the Investigative Committee for Karelia.

"The investigation requested the arrest. The Petrozavodsk city court issued a decision on detention of Bodnarchuk a period of two months", - said the Agency.

The plane is forced to sit in Petrozavodsk due to smoke passenger

The plane Murmansk-Moscow airline "Victory" forced to sit in Petrozavodsk from behind twice to smoke the passenger, reported RIA Novosti a source in the airline and the representative of loukoster.

"Right now the plane is "Victory" flying from Murmansk to Moscow, makes emergency landing in Petrozavodsk because of rowdy on Board and threats to the safety of the flight was his fault. Woman intentionally violated a safety rule twice and lit a cigarette, despite the ban," - said the source RIA Novosti in "Victory".

In Petrozavodsk in the hospital revealed a hotbed of coronavirus

Hotbed of coronavirus identified in the clinical hospital "Railways-Medicine" in Petrozavodsk in the Republic of Karelia, there was 31 a positive test result for infection, press service of the regional government.

"31 test positive for the coronavirus found among staff and patients "Clinical hospital "Railways-Medicine" in the Karelian capital", - stated in the message.

Victory parade in Petrozavodsk will be held on 30 September

Victory parade in Petrozavodsk will be held on 30 September, reports the press service of the head of Karelia.

"The Victory parade in Petrozavodsk will be held on September 30. It will focus on three significant dates: the 75th anniversary of the great Victory, the 76th anniversary of the liberation of the Republic from Nazi invaders and the 100th anniversary of Karelia", - stated in the message.

In Karelia laid the first of the seven ships fishermen

The first of the seven ships fishermen laid on the Onega shipyard in Petrozavodsk on the day of the centenary of Karelia, said the Governor Arthur Parfenchikov.

Onega shipyard for five years to build seven vessels for harvesting and transportation of live crab.

In the security Council spoke about the development of Karelia

Implemented over the last few years, major projects in Karelia from the economic and social spheres to culture - helped to create the conditions for further progressive development of this region, reported the press service of the Russian security Council.

Monday marks 100 years since the formation of the Republic of Karelia. 8 June 1920 the all-Russian Central Executive Committee (VTSIK) issued a decree on education of Karelia towns and districts of the Arkhangelsk and Olonets provinces Autonomous oblast - Karelian labor commune (KLC). 25 Jul 1923 CTC decree of the Central Executive Committee was transformed into Karelian ASSR.

In Karelia began work stopped due COVID public transport

Public transport stopped because of the coronavirus, resumed work on the whole territory of Karelia. The exception was the Olonets district, where recorded a sharp rise in cases, said the head of the Republic Artur Parfenchikov.

Previously, public transport was launched only in Petrozavodsk.