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Archaeologists have discovered in Peru the subjects of the Incas for sacrifices

Archaeologists from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) and the free University of Brussels found near the North-Eastern shore of lake Titicaca (located on the border of Peru and Bolivia) 500-year-old stone box, according to SCI News.

According to the publication, there was a llama, carved from seashells and a small cylindrical object, covered in gold foil. Most likely, they were intended for a ritual sacrifice by the Incas.

The number of cases COVID-19 in Peru has exceeded 400 thousand people

The number of cases of coronavirus in Peru has reached 400 683, said the Ministry of health of the country.

"On 29 July had taken the tests for coronavirus 2.3 million people, of which 400 683 were positive", - stated in the message.

In Peru canceled the primaries for COVID-19

The Peruvian government adopted on Tuesday the Executive act under which preliminary elections to select candidates for the General elections of 2021 will be cancelled in connection with the epidemic of the novel coronavirus.

"To cancel the first additional provision (on holding primary elections) of the Law on political organizations..." - specified in the regulation published in the official Gazette Peruano.

How to treat a ban on the Holy water in Catholic churches in Peru?

In Peru, Catholic churches banned Holy water because of the epidemic of the coronavirus. How can you relate to this? I don't remember in Russia there were some restrictions on the use of Holy water, even in the most difficult period... the man, 40 years old, Voronezh

In Peru, the number of cases of coronavirus, has exceeded 300 thousand

The number of cases of coronavirus in Peru exceeded 300 thousand people, reported the Ministry of health of the country.

Currently, 11 of 302 people were hospitalized, including 1 227 - on a ventilator.

In Peru, the number of victims of coronavirus, has exceeded ten thousand people

The death toll from the coronavirus in Peru has exceeded 10 thousand, according to the Ministry of health of the country.

"We regret to inform that COVID-19 resulted in the death of 10 045 people in the country. At this point we share the pain of families," the statement said.

Holder of the title Mr. Spain was detained for killing father

Winner of the title Mr. Spain was detained for the murder of his father, told RIA Novosti in the Supreme court of Madrid.

Twenty-five year old Vicente Hernandez Rodriguez, award-winning Mister España Pacific World in 2017, attacked his father during a family quarrel.

The flight from Ecuador to return home Russians from Bolivia and Peru

Export a flight from Ecuador is planned for July 1, returned home Russians from Bolivia and Peru, told RIA Novosti at the Russian Embassy in Ecuador.

As reported by RIA Novosti head of the consular Department of the Russian Embassy in Bolivia Yakov Fedorov, from the Latin American country through Ecuador will return home for two Russian women, in Bolivia they were at work. Women have flown in Quito.

In Peru, noted a significant decline of infection with coronavirus

The head of the Ministry of health of Peru Victor Zamora said that in the country there has been a significant decline in cases of infection with coronavirus, according to local newspaper República.

According to Zamora, the country introduced quarantine measures helped to save the lives of 145 thousand people, and avoid hospitalizations for more than 1 million people. "We would not be able to take this blow" said the Minister, noting that without a quarantine situation resembled a "real massacre".

Peruvian authorities extended a state of emergency due to coronavirus

The government of Peru has extended the state of emergency in the country until 31 July and agreed to keep the quarantine in seven departments and in the rest of the country to abolish the social exclusion imposed on the background of a pandemic of a new type of coronavirus, reports the Agency Andina.

Specifies that the address of the quarantine will continue for persons under 14 years, over 65 years of age and those with comorbidities. Mandatory social exclusion in seven departments implies that you can only move to gain access to services and commodities and permitted economic activities.

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