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In Russia will increase funded pension

Funded pensions of Russians in 2020 increase by 9.13%, recalculation will make since August 1, it's about 80 thousand people, according to the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR).

The coefficient is determined according to the results of investment of pension savings over the past year. They are three times higher than the rate of inflation (3%). Recalculation will be made pizzaville.

The Ministry explained the amendments on the transfer of confiscated money to the RPF

Amendments to the law on the transfer of illegally obtained money in the budget of the Pension Fund need to sync with the norms of the Civil code, reported RIA Novosti in the Ministry of Finance.

In particular, in the code I want to Refine that to confiscate in favor of PFR can not only property and money, if you are not able to prove the legality of their receipt.

Izvestia: the Finance Ministry has proposed to list the confiscated funds to the FIU

The Ministry of Finance has prepared amendments to the Civil and Budget codes, which involve the transfer to the Pension Fund of monetary funds of citizens against whom no evidence confirming the legality of their receipt. About this report "Izvestia" with reference to the press service of the Ministry.

The amendments are proposed to article 46 and 146 of the Budget code in terms of clarifying the list of revenues of the budget of the FIU. As has told "news" in a press-service of the Ministry of Finance, the Civil code currently entered clarifying amendments, according to which confiscated in cases that can be not only property but also money, if the legality of their receipt it is impossible to prove.

The court announced the results of the DNA test of the son of decl

The Basmanny court of Moscow has announced the results of the DNA test of the son of the widow of rapper decl (Kirill Tolmatsky), Yulia Kiseleva, reports StarHit.

It is noted that initially Kiselev did not specify Tolmatsky in the column "father" in the birth certificate of the child, the woman had to file a lawsuit against FIU, who refused to pay her social security pension survivor benefits after the death of the musician.

The Senator appreciated the offer to pay retirees for 15 thousand rubles

Decide on possible additional payments to pensioners can only be taken at government level, said the first Deputy head of the social Committee of the Federation Council Valery Ryazansky.

In the Public chamber has offered to pay pensioners for 15 thousand rubles as a support in a pandemic coronavirus.

Putin signed the law specifying the treatment of the FIU for the recovery of

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the Federal law establishing the right of territorial bodies of the Pension Fund of Russia to apply to the court for the recovery from the policyholder of the sums of financial sanctions, if their total amount exceeds 3 thousand rubles, the corresponding document published on the portal of legal information.

"Add new parts... as follows: "the Territorial body of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation goes to court with the statement for collecting of the sums of financial sanctions provided for in this article, if the total amount of financial penalties, to be recovered, more than 3 thousand rubles, with the exception of the case stipulated by the twentieth part of this article", - the document says.

The court extended the arrest of the head of the Krasnoyarsk Pension Fund

Railway court of Krasnoyarsk has left under arrest till August 19 the head of branch of the Pension Fund of Russia for the Krasnoyarsk territory Denis Maiboroda, suspected of receiving bribes in the amount of 13 million rubles, told RIA Novosti press-service of regional court.

Previously the regional Directorate of the RF IC reported that Mayboroda is suspected of committing a crime under part 6 of article 290 of the criminal code (obtaining by an official of a bribe, committed in especially large size). The decision of Railway court of Krasnoyarsk on January 21 he was arrested for a month. The last time the court extended the arrest in may until July 19.

FIU started to issue a social security number for children without statements

The pension Fund of Russia began to issue the social security number for children is proactive, that is, without statements, for the first day in the personal accounts of parents sent information about SNILS 5.3 thousand children, reported the press service of the Fund.

"Parents to issue a social security number for children born from July 15, 2020, are no longer required, the Pension Fund will independently send a number in your personal Cabinet my mom. The service is implemented on the portal of public Services", - stated in the message.

The FIU recalled the allocation of payments to working pensioners

Adjustment of pensions to working pensioners starting from 1 August, said the "Russian newspaper" in the Pension Fund.

The Ministry reminded that the annual pension may be increased by not more than three pension points. In 2020, the value of pension points is 93 rubles, hence the maximum increase will amount to 279 rubles.

Russia resumed indexation of pensions to the retired guardians

The indexation of pensions to the pensioners-Trustees Wednesday resumes in Russia.

According to the Pension Fund of Russia, the cost of the resumption of indexation of pensions 45.8 thousands of pensioners who are guardians or Trustees of minor children, until the end of the year amounted to 720 million rubles.

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