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The Parliament of Catalonia urged the king of Spain to abdicate

The Parliament of the Spanish Autonomous community of Catalonia approved the conclusions of the Commission on investigation of the introduction of the country's direct rule of the Spanish authorities after the so-called independence referendum in 2017, which condemns the actions of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, the previous Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, and called to the king Felipe VI to abdicate and spend throughout Spain, a referendum on form of government.

Voted for by 69 deputies from parties advocating for independence of the Autonomous community, against 56 - from the socialist party, the "people" and the people's party. The representatives of the left CatComu-Podem (Catalan branch of Podemos) abstained on most items and supported the abdication of the king and the referendum.

Spain will receive 140 billion euros from the Fund for the recovery of the EU economy

Spain will receive 140 billion from the Fund for the economic recovery of Europe, which was agreed at the EU summit in Brussels, said Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

Earlier, EU leaders at the summit reached agreement on the overall budget for the 2021-2027 years in the amount of 1,074 trillion Euro and the economic recovery plan of € 750 billion.

Merkel will hold meetings with premiers of Italy and Spain

German Chancellor Angela Merkel next week ahead of the summit of heads of state and government of the EU will hold bilateral meetings with Prime Ministers of Italy and Spain, said the Deputy official representative of the government of Germany Martin Fitz.

According to her, Merkel and Conte will give a press conference about 17.30 (18.30 GMT). On Tuesday Merkel will meet with the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez.

The Spanish authorities will allocate more than a billion euros on the development of science

The Spanish authorities will provide for the development of scientific and innovation sphere more than a billion euros over two years, said Prime Minister Pedro sánchez in the presentation of the plan for development of science and innovation.

"This plan will require investments in 1,056 billion euros in direct assistance in 2020 and 2021," said Sanchez. Of this amount in the current year will be allocated 396 million. In addition, 508 million euros will be allocated to innovative companies in the form of loans on favorable terms. "It's only urgent action in the short and medium term. We have to rely on the system structural reform of the sphere of science and innovations", - said the head of the Cabinet.

Madrid and Rome hope that the EU will come to an agreement on anti-crisis Fund

Italy and Spain believe that the EU will be able in July to agree on the agreement on anti-crisis Fund, stated after the meeting in Madrid premiere of Pedro Sanchez and Giuseppe Conte.

"July is the month of the agreement. Must be the month of the agreement. We all have a responsibility to make sure that it was the month of the agreement," said Sanchez, commenting on the possibility of reaching agreement at the EU summit on July 17-18.

Deputy Prime Minister of Spain will become a candidate for the post of Chairman of the Eurogroup

The Minister for economic Affairs and digital conversions and Vice-Prime Minister of Spain Nadia of Calvino will become a candidate for the presidency of the Council of Finance Ministers of the Eurozone countries (Eurogroup), according to Twitter government.

"Spain nominated Nadiya of Calvinia for the post of head of the Eurogroup, the key bodies for cooperation of the members of the Eurozone and the strengthening of Europe," the statement said.

Former kings does not happen: why did Spain protect Juan Carlos

The Royal house of Spain this week published a report on their expenditures for 2019 and the first quarter of this year, confirming that since mid-March, father of the current head of state, king Felipe VI, Juan Carlos, no longer receives its maintenance funds from the state budget.

The last payment stated in the explanation of the Royal house, he received 15 March, so they owed him the rest of 161 thousand euros will be spent for other purposes. Exactly on 15 March, the head of state, his son Felipe VI, has signed a decree Stripping his father handed him the throne in June 2014, payments from the state budget. In the same decree Felipe refused the inheritance.

The Prime Minister of Spain considers that the quarantine has helped to save about 450 thousand lives

About 450 thousand of lives were saved in Spain thanks to the introduction of quarantine in the epidemic COVID-19, said the country's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

"Due to high alert, we were able to save thousands of lives in the country. According to independent research, 450 thousand of lives were saved in our country and more than three million lives in the European continent due to quarantine measures that we have implemented in European countries", - said the Prime Minister in his address to the nation.

Media: in Spain found the person who shot the photos of politicians

Spanish national police have identified the man who shot the dash on the photos of famous politicians, including the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, said the Agency Efe with reference to sources in Department.

On the eve of the publication of La Marea released a video which shows how unknown in a homemade dash started shooting the photos of the politicians representing the left-wing parties. Among the photographs are portraits of the Prime Minister of Spain sánchez, Vice-Premier of Pablo Iglesias, the Minister of internal Affairs, Fernando Grande-the Marlaski, Minister for equal opportunities Irene Montero, leader of a faction in the Congress of Podemos Pablo Echenique. In the video, the man behind the camera says "sentence", then the man shoots the photos and throws them all. The others in the room laugh.

Spain will honor the victims of the epidemic of the coronavirus on 16 July

The official ceremony in memory of the victims of the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19 will be held in Spain on 16 July, said Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

"On July 16 held a state ceremony in memory of the 27 thousands of compatriots who died and in honor of those who fought on the front lines of the epidemic," said Sanchez, speaking in the Congress of deputies.

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