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The forum "Army 2020" in the PUBLICATION will present the latest military equipment

The latest weapons and military equipment presented in the military-technical forum "Army 2020" in the southern military district, the press service of YUVO.

In the southern military district continues preparations for the International military-technical forum, which will be held at 16 parks "Patriot" in 14 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The forum of the southern military district will take part more than 40 military units, more than 10 enterprises of industry and scientific research institutes and educational institutions.

The Russian military worked the fight with the hammer drones

Russian military neutralized the attack drones on the doctrine on the ground Gudauta in the framework of a sudden inspection, reported in a press-service of the southern military district.

"In the framework of a sudden check combat readiness of units of electronic warfare, in collaboration with radar points of the Russian military base of South military district in Abkhazia defused shock unmanned aerial vehicles", - stated in the message.

The General spoke about the development of Russian anti-aircraft missile troops

Anti-aircraft missile troops (SMP) recently developed ahead of time, their tasks become more complicated, weapons are constantly improving, responding to the development of means of air attack, including those that will appear in the future, said Wednesday RIA Novosti former head of the anti-aircraft missile troops Russian air force Lieutenant General Alexander Gorkov.

Sixty years ago, July 8, 1960, was based anti-aircraft missile troops. On this day in the office of the chief of air defense forces of the USSR introduced a new post – the commander of anti-aircraft missile air defense forces.

Russia supplied Serbia helicopters, fighter jets and air defense systems

Russia over the last four years put Serbia helicopters Mi-35M and Mi-17V-5, MiG-29 fighters and air defense system "Armour-C1", the Director of the Federal service for military-technical cooperation (FSMTC) Dmitry Shugaev.

In addition to the supplies, in 2019 there was a training of specialists in operation and combat use, and "Shells", and helicopters "Mi".

Serbia is interested in purchasing Russian air defense system, said FSMTC

Serbia is interested in purchasing Russian air defense systems, in addition to the already received "Pantsir-S1", said the Director of the Federal service for military-technical cooperation (FSMTC) Dmitry Shugaev.

"Serbia also expressed interest in purchasing and other air defense systems. We are ready to provide you, our long time ally and reliable partner to assist in this matter," - said Shugaev in an interview with the Serbian online resource, "the Voice of explicitness".

"Lit up on the video" what weapons in Syria, Russia surprised the world

Powerful, high-precision, long-range Russian military group in Syria has been successfully applying operational-tactical missile complexes (PTRC) “Iskander-M”. Recently they took part in the Victory parade at the airbase Hamim and passed in a convoy along with the armored cars “Tiger-M” and “Typhoon”, a BTR-82A armored vehicles and anti-aircraft missile and artillery systems “Armour”. Why in the Arab Republic has deployed “Iskander” and what other weapons there were in the material RIA Novosti.

For the first time on the Russian PTRC in Syria in December 2017 was announced by defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. He explained that the systems were applied for high-precision strikes on key targets of the militants along with cruise missiles “Caliber”, X-55 and some other weapons. A year later, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said that “Iskander” confirmed the high efficiency in combat, and all identified deficiencies are corrected.

Flamethrower system TOS-2 for the first time participate in the parade on red square

The latest heavy flamethrower system TOS-2 (previously also known as "Lisochka") and the upgraded air defense missile-gun complex "Pantsir-SM" for the first time marched through red square as part of the parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory, reports on Wednesday, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.


In Novosibirsk the Victory parade showed a "city" and the complex "Eleron"

Modernized tanks T-72Б3М, the latest drones "Aileron" and modernized multiple rocket launcher systems fire BM-21 "Grad" for the first time took part in the parade in Novosibirsk, devoted to the 75-th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war, RIA Novosti press-service of the Central military district.

Parade of Hiking settlements and mechanized column was held at Lenin square. Servicemen of the Central military district, the cadets of the Higher military command school, and representatives of law enforcement agencies Novosibirsk region marched to the accompaniment of the consolidated military brass band.

In Vladivostok on Victory day parade have been "Bastions" and T-34

More than 1.5 thousand soldiers and cadets, samples of historical and modern military equipment took part in the Victory parade in Vladivostok.

This year due to the epidemiological situation, the parade was held in Vladivostok in compliance mask mode, the "social distance" and without spectators. In the Central square brought together representatives of the authorities and a few guests – veterans of the war. They, and all the demonstrators and media representatives, the number of which this year is also restricted due to epigastralgia were tested for coronavirus. Residents of the city and region were able to watch the broadcast live.

On red square began the final night rehearsal of the Victory parade

Final night rehearsal of the Victory parade began on red square in Moscow, told reporters in the defense Ministry.

More than 40 Hiking ceremonial calculations, consisting of officers, sergeants and soldiers of military units and formations of the armed forces, students and cadets of military academies, cadets of the Nakhimov and cadets, as well as yunarmeytsev and the military and other law enforcement agencies began to March on the red square at 22:00 GMT. Including 11 "boxes" in historical uniforms, including a group carrying banners of the fronts of the great Patriotic war, the banner company with Combat banners of famous units and formations of the period 1941-1945, companies of infantry and militia, pilots, sailors, engineers, scouts and border guards.

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