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In Panama infected with coronavirus will receive a special set

Infected with coronavirus in Panama will receive a free set of remedies and medicines, said the Ministry of health of the country.

"The Ministry of health sent to special centres and hotels (where people are in quarantine - ed.) set "to Defend Panama" in the framework of a new strategy to combat COVID-19. With this set, each patient serving a quarantine will receive medications to combat the virus," - said in a statement.

In Panama, the court detained the accused in the murder of seven people

Court Panama detained a man accused of killing seven young people in the province of colón in the North of the country, according to the Prosecutor's office the Latin American Republic.

It is noted that the investigation began on Saturday, once on the shores of lake Gatun in the province of colon was discovered seven victims, among them four girls and three boys aged 15 to 22 years.

In Panama, the number of cases COVID-19 has exceeded 50 thousand

The number of cases of coronavirus in Panama has exceeded 50 thousand, it is reported in Twitter of the Ministry of health of the country.

According to recent reports, Panama revealed 50 373 infected, the number of deceased patients with COVID-19 has reached one thousand. Recovered a total of 25 of 842 patients. Since the beginning of the outbreak in the camp held more than 177 thousand tests. The greatest number of infected (21 903) identified in the age group 20 to 39 years.

In Central America will discuss the delivery of Russian drug "Aviewer"

The theme of Russian supplies of the antiviral drug "Aviewer" in Central America will be discussed in the framework of the Council of health Ministers of the six member countries of the Central American integration system, said RIA Novosti at the Russian Embassy in Nicaragua.

In SICA included Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, the Council of Ministers of health is the standing body coordinating agencies in the countries of the system.

The ex-presidents of Panama forbidden to leave the country

The former President of Panama Juan Carlos Varela and Ricardo Martinelli held on corruption charges Odebrecht and New Business, banned to leave the country, according to Twitter of the Prosecutor General of the country.

"In the case of Odebrecht, the Prosecutor's office in cases of corruption decided to prevent departure from the country ... one of the ex-presidents. In the case of ex-President Prosecutor's office on cases related to organized crime, decided to prevent him from leaving the country in the matter of New Business", - stated in the message Department. They should report to the Prosecutor every month.

Colombia's Navy seized 7.5 tons of cocaine from a ship near Panama

The Minister of defence of Colombia, Carlos Holmes Trujillo reported the seizure in international waters near Panama record in this year's batch of hydrochloride of cocaine weighing about 7.5 tons.

"During joint operations of the naval forces and the national police, in coordination with the US authorities had seized over 7.5 tons of cocaine chlorohydrate on a vessel under the flag of Colombia near Panama," he said in a video message on Twitter.

Panama lifted the restriction on alcohol sales imposed over COVID-19

Panama a month later lifted the restriction on the sale of alcohol imposed in connection with the coronavirus, it follows from the presidential decree.

"Permitted sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages throughout the country according to the following parameters and restrictions: the sale may be carried out only in stores that are licensed... Can be sold only at retail in sealed containers", - stated in the decree published in the official newspaper of the government.

The Adidas urged to check the response to racial problems in the company

Employees of Adidas appealed to the leadership of the company calling to verify the approach to racial issues in the workplace and to create an anonymous platform where employees can report on racism and discrimination, according to CNN.

It is clarified that the group of employees from Germany, USA, Australia, and Panama sent a letter to the authorities demanding to test how the head of Department on work with staff Karen Parkin respond to racial problems in the company. In addition, the staff advocated the creation of a platform for anonymous reports of racism and discrimination.

In Panama, has identified a new subspecies of the virus that causes COVID-19

Scientists Panamanian Institute of health announced that the mutation was imported from five countries strains of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes the disease COVID-19, in the country, a new typical subspecies, which is assigned the name A2 PAN.

The position of Panama and its function as a regional transport hub has promoted the simultaneous penetration of the virus from different regions of the world.