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Bastrykin told about new criminal cases against the brothers Ananiev

Investigators have revealed new episodes of theft in excess of 15 billion rubles former owners of Promsvyazbank brothers Alexei and Dmitry Angevine in 2017, said the head of the RF IC Alexander Bastrykin.

He recalled that the brothers are charged with theft by embezzlement of more than 87 billion rubles belonging to JSC "Promsvyazbank", which Ananeva has owned more than 50% of the shares. According to him, they illegally arranged to the Bank nominees and gave them power of attorney to dispose of the money. Subsequently, based on fictitious documents to the accounts of foreign companies were withdrawn more of 57.3 billion rubles and more than $ 500 million under the guise of payment for the allegedly acquired securities, said Bastrykin.

Banks are willing to offer the Russians a mortgage with a down payment of 10%

Most Russian banks already offer the Russians to get a mortgage with a minimum down payment of 10% of the cost of housing, but on more liberal terms to make the loan, they are not yet ready, the survey showed the largest credit institutions, conducted by RIA Novosti.

Sberbank on Wednesday reported a decrease in the minimum down payment on mortgages for the purchase and construction of housing to 10% from 15% for payroll clients and up to 30% from 50% for customers who arrange a mortgage without proof of income and employment.

Russian banks continue to reduce mortgage rates

Some Russian banks are planning to lower mortgage rates, while a number of players had already improved the conditions for such lending and further decisions in this area will depend on the market situation, the survey of credit institutions conducted by RIA Novosti.

On Tuesday the savings Bank has lowered rates on mortgages by 0.5 percentage points. According to the Deputy Chairman of the management Board, Bank Vozrozhdenie Natalia Shabuninoj, the credit institution is considering the possibility of reducing in the near future interest rates on mortgage loans on both the primary and the secondary housing. Bank "Zenit" will soon reduce the rate "classic military" mortgage, said Deputy Chairman of the management Board of the Bank Dmitry Yurin.

Banks estimated the demand for foreign currency deposits after isolation from COVID-19

Major Russian banks have variously estimated the population's demand for foreign currency deposits after the easing of restrictions due to pandemic coronavirus. Some players saw a revival, and other significant changes in the activity of customers do not watch. Moreover, if to compare with last year's figures, the demand for foreign currency deposits continues to decline, the survey of credit institutions conducted by RIA Novosti.

Thus, in VTB in may, the volume of new deposits in foreign currency increased in comparison with April and 17% in the ruble equivalent amounted to 28 billion. "The inflow of funds to deposits, including in foreign currency, most likely linked to the overall stabilization of the economic situation. The banks began to return the money that customers had withdrawn cash in a pandemic, but it is not spent", - stated in the credit institution.

Some banks will allow you to use expired cards after July 1,

Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the background of the easing of restrictions coronavirus decided not to renew its recommendation on the admission of banks cards with the expired period of validity of the credit organization will cease to serve from 1 July. However, the survey showed RIA Novosti, not all banks are going to dramatically finish accepting expired "plastic": they believe that customers need to allow additional time to exchange an outdated card to a new one.

ROSBANK plans to extend the validity of cards of their customers for another month after the end of the basic term. Promsvyazbank in July, will continue to serve cards, the validity of which expired in March, April and may (of the order of 80 thousand cards). Transactions via these cards can be made until August 1.

The largest Russian banks still leave employees on "udalenke"

The largest Russian banks do not hurry to return employees to the offices and plan to continue to work remotely, you should from a survey of the largest credit institutions.

The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin announced on Monday that from June 9 in the capital canceled withdrawal and permit regime imposed over the coronavirus.

Russian banks began to lower mortgage rates

Russian banks on the background of the easing of the restrictive measures imposed because of the pandemic coronavirus, have begun to reduce rates on mortgages, the survey of credit institutions RIA Novosti.

Alfa-Bank decreased by 0.4 percentage points rate for a mortgage loan to buy housing on the secondary market and for mortgage refinancing. "The easing of quarantine measures has led many Russians to think about how to properly manage your expenses. Mortgage refinancing will help to save on monthly payments: reduce the amount of the overpayment or to reduce the term of the loan," - said the head of mortgage crediting Department of the Bank Artem Ivanov.

In PSB said to reduce fraudsters ' attacks on banking customers

The activity of scams in Russia, trying to fool banking customers by using social engineering, in may compared to April decreased by 40%, this is due, in particular, and with the softening in some regions, restrictions due to the coronavirus, said RIA Novosti Director of information security at Promsvyazbank (PSB) Dmitry Miklukho.

According to him, PSB does not fix any fundamentally new types of fraud. Basically attackers use already well-known technique of social engineering under the guise of Bank employees are calling customers and trying to lure the card details and other passwords from the Bank. "Indeed, in April the number of customer requests, faced with calls of fraud, have increased by about a third," - said Miklukho.

The ruble strengthened on the improvement of the external background, analysts say

The Russian stock market and ruble on Monday will grow by the improvement of the external background and the return of demand for risky assets, analysts said.

The weakening of the dollar on the international Forex market will also contribute to the strengthening of the domestic currency, experts believe.

Banks deliver business loans at 2% to support employment

New business loan program at 2% to support employment starts in Russia, loans can take as small company to large business affected by the coronavirus industries, as well as a number of socially-oriented NGOs. Banks expect to issue up to 250 billion rubles of such loans.

Starting from 1 June secretitos at 2% to support employment in companies affected by the pandemic industries, announced Russian President Vladimir Putin. The repayment period is April 1, 2021. If during the term of the loan program the company will maintain employment at the level of 90% or more of its current staffing levels, after the expiration of the term of the loan the loan and interest thereon are fully charged, these costs would be borne by the state.

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