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Trump 100 days before the election, again get used to the image of the outsider

The President of the United States Donald trump 100 days before the elections, which will be held on November 3, is very far behind his rival, Democrat Joe Biden in the polls. Voters dissatisfied with the policy of trump anti-coronavirus and protests. Even the advantage of a trump before Biden in donations to the campaign is completely evaporated. But trump won the last elections to the status of absolute outsider and so nobody would think to write him off now.

Biden now advantage more than the Hillary Clinton four years ago. According to the average indicator surveys of the site FiveThirtyEight, in March, Democrat Biden was ahead of the Republican trump an average of 3 percentage points, now eight points. In a two-stage system of American elections, however, is not the amount of votes of electors, and the electors of the state at the system of "winner in the state takes all the electors". In 2016, trump received more than 2 million votes less than Clinton, but won in States such as Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, often with a minimum gap in the popular vote. Now Biden, on average, according to RealClearPolitics, ahead of trump in popularity in all those States. His "in the pocket" of about 222 115 electors against trump (to win you need 270), clarifies the portal.

In the United States challenged the decision by trump not take into account illegal immigrants in the districting

The authorities of several States, municipalities and human rights activists have filed a lawsuit trying to reverse the order of the President of the United States Donald trump, which requires not take into account illegal migrants while cutting electoral districts in the house of representatives.

The order was released Tuesday and is the next step in the policy of the Republican trump to limit the political weight of immigrants without legal status in the United States. The decision of the administration may influence the composition of the house of representatives on the outcome of the next election in 2022 (the next elections will be held in November). Currently, the majority in the house are Democrats.

Spanish doctors have identified the earliest symptom COVID-19

A group of Spanish scientists have found a new symptom coronavirus, reported in an article published in the journal JAMA Dermatology.

Specialists found in 29 percent of observed patients, enanthema in the oral cavity — severe rash on the mucous membrane.

In Philadelphia has banned mass actions until the end of February 2021

The authorities of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has banned mass gatherings until 28 February 2021 for coronavirus, said mayor Jim Kenny.

According to the mayor of the city, the ban applies to events involving more than 50 people, including festivals, parades, concerts, carnivals, fairs and flea markets.

In the United States are investigating the arrest of an African American by analogy with Floyd

The police of the city of Allentown, Pennsylvania began an internal investigation in connection with the actions of the police during the arrest of an African-American, reports channel ABC.

About incident it became known on Saturday, when a video of the detention issued by the local branch of the organization Black Lives Matter. The footage shows three police pressed to the ground, African-American males, whose hands are shackled behind her back with handcuffs. One of the guards first hand, and then knee presses the head and neck of men to the ground. He yells. In this way at the end of may in Minneapolis was strangled by another black American George Floyd, whose death led to mass protests across the country.

A pastor without a flock. Donald trump may lose the election trump card

President Donald trump almost begging for the support of his most loyal supporters — Evangelical Christians. After all, they are, in fact, led him into the Oval office four years ago. But now, in the Wake of the mass movement against racism, communities were faced with a difficult choice. What role the religious factor plays in the political fate of the trump — in the material RIA Novosti.

Texas is not only famous for ranches and cowboys, but also many Protestant churches. This is probably one of the most religious States in the country. He is now in the midst of a presidential campaign: Texans campaigning to vote for trump.

In the United States court ordered the release of children from detention centres

A Federal judge in Los Angeles, Dolly Gee agreed to release the children of migrants in three detention centres, to July 17 at the outbreak of novel coronavirus infections, reports the New York Times, citing the ruling.

It is noted that the order applies to children who are more than 20 days in centres under the management of immigration and customs enforcement (ICE), two of which are located in Texas and one in Pennsylvania. According to the decree, June 8, they were 124 children.

Scientists said about 8.7 million cases COVID-19 in the United States.

American scientists suggest that more than 8.7 million people in the US were infected COVID-19 in March, but 80% of the patients were not tested for the coronavirus.

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University and the University of Montana estimated the number of people with symptoms of SARS, which did not check for the presence of coronavirus. It turned out that in March was a significant jump in such cases.

One of those killed in the attack in reading is a U.S. citizen

One of the victims in the attack in the English city of reading is a U.S. citizen, the newspaper Philadelphia Inquirer.

On Saturday evening in the city Park reading 25-year-old man of Libyan origin with a knife attacked several people, with the result that three were wounded and three were killed. The assailant was arrested the same evening. The police on Sunday morning said that the incident was linked to terrorism and called the name of the assailant, Hairy Saadalla.

In Philadelphia for three days of protests detained nearly 700 people

The police of the city of Philadelphia in the us state of Pennsylvania detained nearly 700 people in three days of protests in the city, caused by the death of an African-American to George Floyd at the hands of police, from the data of the police in Twitter.

According to city police, with the start of the protests on Saturday and until now was detained by 692 people. Most of them are 486 people were arrested for violations of curfew and failure to disperse on order of police. In addition, another 186 people were arrested for looting and pillaging. Other reasons for the detentions include the carrying of a weapon, participation in riots and vandalism.

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