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Orel Governor said about his father's death

Orel oblast Governor Andrey Klychkov has told to media that on Friday the death of his father Evgeny.

"Today was not the greatest person in my life - my dad Klychkov Evgeny Vladimirovich, his heart stopped... He was my dad, father, friend, teacher... an example. And he left behind a great wealth is the love and respect of many people whom he sought to help and to be needed all his life" - wrote the head of the region in Instagram.

In the Oryol region started the business because of the Nazis shooting civilians

Two criminal cases were initiated in the Oryol region on the facts of the execution by the Nazis and their accomplices of the civilian population during the Great Patriotic war, reported on the website of the RF IC.

So, in the territory of the settlement of the Lower Third was found the burial place of peaceful citizens, shot in 1942 during the occupation of the Orel region by German fascist invaders. It is noted that the excavations revealed four human skeletons, the bones of which are damaged from shots from a firearm.

In the Oryol region will open the fitness centres and holiday camps

Residents of the Orel region from July 1, will be able to visit the fitness centers and pools, will start to work holiday camps and resorts, said the Governor Andrei Klychkov.

According to the head of the region, from July 10 to earn a catering company, subject to social distance. On July 13, will resume preliminary and periodic medical examinations, to begin work of day hospitals, and from 20 July – round-the-clock hospitals. The tenth of August will begin providing medical assistance with the resumption of the former routing of patients.

The Oryol authorities have denied the statement about the lack of places in hospitals

The system of health Orel region, using the same number of hospital beds to cope with the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection, said RIA Novosti Deputy Governor of the region on social policy Valentina Nordstrom.

"According to regulations of the Ministry of health we needed to create bedspace capacity of about 370 beds. To date we have deployed in the region 967 beds. It should be noted that from mid-may about 50% of our beds deployed at COVID, not filled. So, to say that if the influx of patients, our regional system will fail... I do not agree," said Nordstrom.

In the eagle check information about the shortage of places for patients with COVID-19

The Prosecutor's office in Orel region organized a check after the chief freelance infectiologist of the region's shortage of places for patients with coronavirus infection in city hospitals, according to the Supervisory authority.

"The Prosecutor's office in Orel region organized check on the arguments of an interview with the network edition "the Oryol news" with the chief freelance infectious disease Oryol region, the head of the regional Hepatology centre, city hospital. S. P. Botkin Victoria and Adonyeva", - stated in the message.

The police check the video from the party under the Eagle during measures COVID-19

The police establishes the circumstances of a mass party under the open sky in one of the parks in the Orel region, where until the end of June are restrictive measures in connection with threat of the spread of coronavirus infection.

A video of the mass party under the open sky, which took place on June 12 near the Park "Gorki", appeared earlier in the Network. The indignation of the users was the fact that the party was held despite the ban on holding mass events established by the authority according to the requirements of the CPS.