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The representative of the schemamonk Sergius: the Orthodox Church does not own Sredneuralskaya convent

None of the buildings on the territory Sredneuralskaya convent belongs to the Yekaterinburg diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, all things were created by private money, said to RIA Novosti on Saturday, a representative of the schema-monk Sergius Vsevolod Moguchev, noting that the schema-monk is not the owner.

On Friday, the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill has approved the earlier decision of the court of the Yekaterinburg diocese, who was deprived of schemamonk Sergius of dignity. The Yekaterinburg diocese said that father Sergius should leave the monastery. Meanwhile, schemamonk said it has no plans to leave them based Sredneuralskaya convent.