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In Orenburg the official city hall beat bits

Law enforcement authorities in Orenburg region are looking for attacked the official of administration of Orenburg, who after the incident is in the hospital.

Local media reported that the official was beaten with bats, waylaid at home.

The court in the Orenburg region extended the arrest of a priest accused of pedophilia

The Buguruslan district court of the Orenburg region extended the detention of the priest Clement, who is accused of pedophilia, until 29 September, told RIA Novosti in court.

Earlier investigation reported that charged with committing crimes against sexual inviolability of minors 40-year-old resident of the Orenburg region. Source Agency reported that accused of pedophilia in relation to three children is hieromonk Clement (in the world – Korablev). After that, the diocese suspended Korableva from the priesthood during the investigation. The defendant was arrested.

Swim across the river and Russian tank shocked Argentine journalists

Journalists by the Argentine newspaper Clarin drew attention to a video shot during a training exercise in Central military district involving the crews of tanks T-72БЗ. The video was published by the Russian Ministry of defense.

On the recording you can see how soldiers learn the skills of scuba driving in the Orenburg region, overcoming water obstacles with a depth of five meters.

In Orenburg to verify reports of illegal charges to women in the theft

The investigating authorities of the Orenburg region organized a check on the message in the media about a large resident of Orenburg, the police allegedly illegally accused of theft, told RIA Novosti in SUS'k region.

Earlier in mass media there was information that a large inhabitant of Orenburg Anna Kryukov illegally accused of stealing 9 thousand rubles.

In the Samara region the number of victims of coronavirus has reached 81

Another patient with a coronavirus, died in the Samara region, the man had a chronic disease, only in the region 81 was fatal case, according to the regional headquarters for the fight against COVID-19.

On Monday, Federal staff said that the day in Russia died 85 people with the coronavirus, including one in Samara region.

In the Orenburg region the number of victims of coronavirus has reached 40

Two patients with the coronavirus has died in the Orenburg region, the number of victims of the infection in the region has reached 40, according to oberstab region.

"He died a man born in 1935 of Novotroitsk and the woman 1941 year of birth from Orsk with confirmed pneumonia and positive results of tests for coronavirus. In total, the region recorded 40 deaths," - said Oberstar.

In the Orenburg region the number of victims of coronavirus has reached 38

Two elderly patients with the coronavirus had died during the day in the Orenburg region, the victims of the infection in the region were 38 people, according to the regional oberstab.

"He died two women in 1955 birth of Kuvandyk district and born in 1941 in Orenburg with confirmed pneumonia and positive results of tests for coronavirus. In total, the region registered 38 deaths," - said in the message of the regional oberstab.

The cause tropical downpours in the Russian regions

Cause tropical downpours in the regions was the invasion of a cool, moist Atlantic air, said the center weather "Phobos".

According to weather forecasts, frontal wave that developed in the cold front on Wednesday will shift to the North and joins the main circulation of the vortex. After that, the weather in the South of Russia will get better, and the most extreme rains are expected in the southern Urals in the epicentre of the disaster will be Bashkiria and the Orenburg region.

Bus in Lutsk was occupied by a native of Russia, said the Ukrainian interior Ministry

Seized a bus with hostages in the Ukrainian Lutsk was a native of Russia, his real name is Maxim Compressor, said Deputy interior Minister of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko.

Earlier it was reported that in the center of Lutsk, the man seized a bus with about 20 hostages, he has explosives and weapons. In the field introduced operational plan "Hostage". Information on casualties at the moment. As the head of national police region Yuri Krochko, the attacker puts forward the General requirements and expresses dissatisfaction with the system. Deputy interior Minister of Ukraine Anton Geraschenko said that the police establishes the identity of the hostage taker of the bus in Lutsk in the Ukraine, he had been introduced to law enforcement as the Bad Maxim. Law enforcement authorities opened a criminal case under article "hostage-taking", punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term of seven to 15 years.

In the Orenburg region eased the conditions of isolation for visitors

Authorities in Orenburg region have softened the requirements on the isolation of immigrants: now arriving from other regions of the Orenburg region need to be tested for the coronavirus within three days, to isolate themselves for two weeks, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Governor of the region.

"Since July 20, abolished mandatory isolation for travellers ... if they themselves will hand over the analysis on a virus within three days after arrival to the region. However, they should not be in contact until receiving a negative result for infection. If it is not possible to take the test, it must be isolated for 14 days. This decision by the authorities was taken after the recent weeks ceased to identify coronavirus residing from other regions," - said RIA Novosti in the press service of the Governor of the Orenburg region.

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