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Trump denies TikTok and sends a signal to Russia

The US President Donald trump on Friday showed the real master class in promoting free-market principles and fair competition. Talking to reporters on Board the presidential airplane, trump said that his decree is just banned in the United States the most popular social network and service distribution short video TikTok. It might be noted that the ban would be introduced, despite the fact that the number of users of this social network in America is estimated to range from 65 to 80 million and it hardly probable not the most fashionable tool of expression and communication among young people overseas, influencers and even stars of show business.

But really, most likely, the popularity of the service, which is owned by a Chinese company, and was the cause of the future of the ban, despite the fact that the company that owns it, did not violate any U.S. laws.

The main events in the world are not where we think

What was the periphery of global politics, rapidly turns out to be its epicenter — and, to keep pace with this reality, have to remember the names such as Chabahar (and many others). Already not tomorrow, but today's world is built, for example around complex explanation of the relationship between China, India and Iran (Chabahar and just in Iran). Or, say, around a globally explosive history of dam on the Nile, to begin changing relationship between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan, but then and other States. And do not say that you do not understand and uninteresting, because our future life will depend on all these Dabakarov and Nilov, whether you like it or not.

So Iran lost patience, threw out India from the grandiose project on construction of communications from the port of Chabahar in the Indian ocean to Afghanistan and beyond in Central Asia, Russia and other deep areas of Eurasia. Indian politicians wistfully talking about "lost opportunities" and, in fact, the devaluation of the greatest achievements of Delhi on the world stage in recent years.

China is doomed to a cold war 2 with America

Election of the President of the United States periodically cause the tide of optimism for those hoping that a return to the White house President from the Democratic party and the most radical hawks in the administration of Barack Obama will lead to the fact that the United States will once again focus on the fight against Russia. By and large, dreams of this kind (which are very nice for some Kiev politicians and analysts, as well as for Russian xenohaliotis US who truly hates Russia and its own citizens) are reduced to the formula "Biden will return a blessed 2014", and further to this formula, depending on your specific taste and imagination of the dreamer added, "a hell of sanctions" or even the attack on the Crimea forces of the U.S. Sixth fleet. To predict the results of the American elections — a thankless task, especially that it is very likely that their results will not be determined at the polling stations, and will be determined in the framework of military confrontation on the South American sample, but to speculate about what the priorities will have a foreign policy Biden, in that case, if he becomes President, it is really worth.

Let's start with the obvious: the opinion of Biden doesn't matter, because he, by and large, a walking political corpse, pumped with drugs and PR, to attract the maximum number of votes of Americans missed the "normality of the era of Obama" and that dreams (like some of the Kiev and Russian analysts) to return in 2014. In case of a successful seizure of power by the Democrats will lead the country not the President Biden, and a kind of shadow (or not shadow) "Politburo" of the Democratic party, which will have a series of internal problems and external challenges will not be very easy to handle. Russia Democratic party of the United States and especially the segment of the American elite, which lost the elections in 2016, will be sincerely and selflessly to hate on, but with the return of America in particular and the world at large in a conditional 2014 or beginning of 2016 there will be a very serious difficulty. Truly complex systems, especially those that are affected by several independent actors, it is impossible to "click" to return to some former state, has warned about the ancient thinkers, who celebrated impossibility "to enter twice into the same river".

"Culture of cancellations": the self-destruction of liberalism

For the second week in the Western media, including the most popular, raging storm around the theme of the so-called culture of the cancellation.

Publications and not a single, scored all: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNN, The Times, The Guardian, BBC, Forbes. To continue the list can be very long.

Europe and America will battle for Russia

The Saga of the "Nord stream — 2" was an interesting sequel, in the sense that the American attempts to stop the commissioning of the Russian gas pipeline could not only lead to the fact that he will get more support from European politicians, but also to the fact that the European Union will attend to system protection from us sanctions.

If you compare the damage to American interests from the "Nord stream — 2" and the damage in the case of a "vandal" (in the sense of "anticyclonic") financial and economic system in the European Union, the Russian pipeline is almost irrelevant. And if Washington is to be deprived of the really important issues to put pressure on Brussels or European companies with sanctions, American foreign policy it would be a disaster on a planetary scale.

The US is preparing a coup after the election

Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton jointly introduced American audiences likely explanation for the possible defeat of the Democratic candidate in the upcoming US presidential election. Probably, in case of victory of Donald trump in the elections it will be used as a pretext or for impeachment, or (more likely) for refusal of the recognition of the election results and the organization to seize power by force. Joe Biden, citing data from us intelligence — said that "the Russians try to delegitimize our electoral process."

However, as the defendants in the crimes allegedly committed against the will of American democracy, are not only we. Joe Biden, again with reference to information of the American intelligence services that it receives, said that "China and others are also involved in the action that we have lost confidence in the results (of the elections. — Approx. ed.)".

Chilled eyes on the case Safronova

Feature heated discussions of detention IV. IV. Safronov is that in his defence put forward such arguments, which arguments are not. Neither for nor against.

For example, the statement "I have dealt with Safronov, he is a wonderful man and a true patriot" only means that Safronov in the course of communication with the surety proved from the best side and gave no reason to suspect myself of cheating. That is, like standartenfuhrer Stirlitz, he had the most positive characteristics about him spoke well comrades at work and at the same time he did not allow himself to careless mistakes like "Stirlitz walked through the streets of Berlin, and nothing betrayed a Russian spy: no behind radio, no parachute trailing behind".

Washington decided to punish Europe for real

Despite all the difficulties in relations between the administration of Donald trump and American IT-giants such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, the US President was ready to sacrifice the remnants of transatlantic solidarity and goodwill, which has been preserved in the relations between States and the European Union to protect the income of American corporations from European tax authorities.

Old conflict, which Mature for many years, now came to the open exchange of painful financial blows of billions of dollars — the European Union wants to "squeeze" us corporations, who for decades worked in the EU without paying taxes, and the US is going to punish the European Union for trying to gain minimal fiscal sovereignty. I must give credit to the team trump the revenge they have made a very point, in the sense that it was identified the specific author of the European breakthrough to freedom and "squirt", who dared to advance the idea that the American IT business, working in the "European colonies of the United States" actually have to pay taxes, and after this identification was followed by retaliatory us action.

Tube terminals, naive Europeans, and the insidious Chinese

At key rail terminals to container shipments from China to Europe, there were enormous traffic jams. This, for example, Alashan, in the Xinjiang (where the train goes through Kazakhstan and Russia to Central Europe) and a few others. In China, the terminals proudly call the "land ports", show their foreign guests as an example of the use of artificial intelligence and other new technologies in organization of logistic process. And now, even artificial intelligence is not helping.

Namely, through the Alashan to Europe in that year went to ten trains a day, now 19, and still a part of them is delayed, the graphics are broken. Chinanski terminal in XI'an this year has already sent almost twice as many trains on the European direction than last year. That's when I remembered that there was a plan for the development and construction of Railways in Europe (2016-2019), which is fulfilled by 2018, and now the transportation load has increased by a third over itself.

America has a restructuring plan. He is terrible

Watching today's USA, it's hard not to note the Parallels between what is happening in Washington now, and what happened in the era of the late USSR. It is clear that political and economic systems different, but it so happens that even very different design powers (and by the way, the USSR and the USA have more in common than it might seem at first glance) die in a similar way. Among the obvious Parallels — the loss of public respect for the basic values and ideology, on which was founded the country, as well as the obvious (and very sharp), the conflict of generations, American youth for the most part, truly hates his country, its history, its values and the older generation that seems to her the epitome of conservatism, criminal ideology, and is generally perceived as "the gray obstacle on the way to a bright future."

Itching in the plan of demolition of monuments and renaming of streets is also something familiar, and periodically opened to the fact that the American nation is, in fact, is not, and is about eight protonate that each other do not love and do not really understand, because what unites them is their language, the dollar, the Federal income tax and criminal article prohibiting secession.

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