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Israeli scientists told what foods increase cancer risk

Foods rich in antioxidants such as black tea, chocolate, nuts and berries, can increase the risk of developing certain types of cancer, found a group of researchers from the Centre for immunology and cancer research behalf of Lautenberg at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, reported the press service of the institution.

"A thorough analysis revealed the culprit that causes cancer to spread rapidly in the large intestine: the intestinal flora that produces metabolites known as "antioxidants", which in high concentrations in foods such as black tea, chocolate, nuts and berries," - said in a press release released by the Hebrew University.

The doctor called the disease, which indicates high temperature in the evenings

Therapist, cardiologist, endocrinologist Tatiana Romanenko in an interview with the newspaper "Arguments and Facts" told about what may indicate the increase in temperature in the evening hours.

The specialist noted that the norm for the evening can be considered a rise in body temperature to 37 degrees. Is alarmed at the increase to 37.5. The reasons of this phenomenon may be physiological: exercise, hot meals or certain medicines, the condition of PMS, the use of alcohol.

Ministry of health: cancer patients receiving chemotherapy easier to tolerate COVID-19

Patients with weakened immune systems who are receiving chemotherapy for cancer treatment, as a rule, easier to carry coronavirus infection, said chief freelance pulmonologist of Ministry of health of Russia Sergey Avdeev.

"We have seen patients with very weakened immune systems who received chemotherapy. We can say that, fortunately for them and for us, they are not patients at risk of adverse prognosis. Is it possible that they have a low immune system – it works for them... such fragile patients the cytokine storm essentially impossible, so they are generally more easy to carry this disease called COVID-19" - said Avdeev at a press conference.

Called signs of cancer at an early stage in children

Oncologists have listed the signs that parents should pay attention and take your child to a relevant specialist.

Told "Evening Moscow" pediatric oncologist-surgeon, Professor and head of the research Department of the center of Specialized care for children name Voyno-Yasenetsky Timur Sariev, there are three main symptoms of malignant tumors at an early stage when the tumor has not yet appeared.

The oncologist called the main symptom of a dangerous disease of the esophagus

Surgeon Ivan Karasev in his instagram listed the symptoms that indicate a hernia of the esophagus.

According to the physician, the main symptom of a dangerous disease — heartburn. It appears immediately after a meal, and after exercise or a prolonged stay in the supine position. Often, the bouts of heartburn are accompanied by inflammation of the lining of the esophagus — esophagitis.

A cancer patient presenter Alexander Belyaev told about the new tumor

Russian TV presenter and meteorologist Alexander Belyaev told the publication "StarHit", had surgery to remove the tumor.

The operation lasted nine hours and made it two teams of doctors. Belyaev also said that he had rectal cancer, but not lung, as written by some media.

Onishchenko explained the low number of cancer diseases in some regions

The smallest number of new cases of cancer in Dagestan, Ingushetia and Chechnya may be due to the fact that there lives a lot of young people, said RIA Novosti academician, first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on education and science Gennady Onishchenko.

Earlier in the statistical digest of the Ministry of health has published data showing that the highest number of new cases of cancer in Russia to 2019 per 100 thousand population registered in the Arkhangelsk region - 566,2, Bryansk region - 556,2 and Sakhalin region – 550,2. The smallest number of new cases recorded in Dagestan – 163,6, the Chechen Republic – 164,2 and in the Republic of Ingushetia – 176,5.

The doctor told me about the precursors of cancer that appear on the skin

Oncologist Elena Smirnova told about the dangers of warts.

They represent a single, pointed, most often colourless warts. While in the early stages of genital warts asymptomatic, which they often do not pay attention. Warts are the result of the destruction of the body is the human papilloma virus (HPV)

Chief oncologist of the Ministry of health explained how to recognize skin cancer

In order to timely detect skin cancer, particular vigilance should be exercised with the appearance of new moles, especially in elderly and senile age. This was written by instagram chief oncologist of the Ministry of health, academician of RAS Andrey Kaprin.

The expert listed a number of signs that indicate malignant degeneration: the rapid growth of the mole, change color, surface, forms of education, the emergence of itching, pain and other unpleasant sensations associated with the mole. In addition, the formation starts to wet, or periodically bleeding.

Oncologists will review the results of CT performed to identify COVID-19

The results of studies of the lungs using computed tomography (CT) that was performed to detect COVID-19, plan to analyze for the presence of tumors in the National medical research center of radiology named after Herzen, said General Director of the Center, chief oncologist of the Ministry of health Andrey Kaprin.

Due to the spread of the coronavirus conducting national health examination and preventive examinations were temporarily suspended in late March.

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