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Pushkov appreciated the statement of the former Ukrainian Minister of the Donbass

Senator Alexei Pushkov agreed with the statement of the former Ukrainian justice Minister Elena Lukash on the impossibility of the return of the Donbass under the control of the Kiev authorities.

According to the politician, only a complete change of power in Ukraine can help in this matter.

The Donbass will never return to what is now Ukraine, said the former Minister

Ukraine will never return the Donbass, while ruled by the current government, said the ex-Minister of justice Elena Lukash in an interview to the channel "112 Ukraine".

"This power in the Donbass will not return. Donbass nowhere to go, he will not return to Ukraine in its current state. Never. In Ukraine, where completely restricted all freedom of speech and where they believe nedolyudmi and so on — nowhere to go. And the government does not do anything in order to at least stop the fighting," — said Lukash.