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Lawyer, historian Sokolov explained the decision to protect the widow Cartwright

Lawyer Sergei Lukyanov, protects the historian Oleg Sokolov, explained in an interview with "the Newspaper.ru", why he is involved in the protection of the widow of rapper Andy Cartwright Marina Kohala.

"These two cases are conducted in parallel. I'm different a criminal case — I was approached, an agreement was concluded, and I stepped in. Somewhere I've read that I have specialization in cases of dismemberment. This is not so. Just a coincidence," said the lawyer.

The lawyer revealed new details about the dismemberment of rapper Cartwright

The defense attorney in the case of the dismemberment of the St. Petersburg rapper Andy Cartwright Irina Scurtu told "MK" about the new details of the incident.

According to the lawyer, she believes Kohala.

The opponent of the historian Sokolov spoke in court for the murder of PhD student

The scientific opponent of the accused in the murder of PhD student historian Oleg Sokolov, journalist Eugene Panasenkov made in court as a witness for the prosecution, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

"I saw this Sokolov several times in the early 2000-ies on the Borodino field during the reconstruction, he was always drunk, the more we personally communicated. You can't trust him, he is lying all the time, he's a good actor," said the court Panasenkov.

Panasenkov responded to the accusations of the historian Sokolov in the persecution

Writer and historian Eugene Panasenkov the radio station "Moscow FM" called accusations of harassment from colleagues of Oleg Sokolov, accused of murder, lies and slander. He intends to file a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity.

According to the journalist, the tragedy turned into a farce, and all statements Sokolov — "this is nonsense, the gray gelding, or even a raving madwoman". Panasenkov believes that he will win this trial. In addition, according to him, Sokolova from the very beginning was a "behavior matrix killer". Moreover, according to the publicist, the historian "attacked" him first, removing the slanderous videos.

Historian Sokolov beat Eschenko to murder, said the lawyer of the family of PhD student

Historian Oleg Sokolov used force to graduate student Anastasia Eschenko to the day of the murder, told RIA Novosti lawyer of the victim Alexander Baksheev.

Monday October district court of St. Petersburg postponed until July 6, the consideration of which parts of personal correspondence between Yeshchenko and Sokolov may be announced in the open part of the hearing. At the meeting, the historian is required to disclose the entire correspondence, without closing the process.

The accused in the murder of a historian Sokolov changed counsel

Lawyer Sergei Lukyanov told RIA Novosti that it had entered into a protection agreement with the accused in the murder of historian Oleg Sokolov, who previously refused the services of the lawyer.

"Before I signed the agreement on the protection of Oleg Sokolov, I already started the acquaintance with case papers", - said Lukyanov.

The historian Sokolov has another lawyer

The accused in the murder of PhD student historian Oleg Sokolov has another solicitor, in connection with the October district court postponed the meeting until next week, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

On Tuesday, the court began its consideration of the merits. At the meeting it became clear that, in addition to Alexander Pochueva, Sokolov signed the contract for protection with Sergei Lukyanov, who had just joined the business.

In St. Petersburg will start the process on the historian Sokolov

St. PETERSBURG, 9 Jun - RIA Novosti. The St. Petersburg city court will consider the merits of the case historian Oleg Sokolov, accused in the murder of PhD student, SPSU, and his bride Anastasia Yeshchenko, reported the United press service of the courts of the city.

They explained that the courts of the city until June 14, there is a regime of restrictions because of the coronavirus, namely the number of people in the room - it can only be participants in the process.