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Every fourth Russian is not against the 5G, the study showed

Every fourth Russian is not against the introduction of 5G communication technology, however, wish the tower were located at a distance from his home, the study said the company "Delta security" at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

Opponents of 5G communication fear the impact of new technologies on human health and the environment. Such fears appear not only in Russia – for example, vandalism against the cell towers of the 5G standard reported in Britain, Poland, Bolivia and other countries. On Saturday, Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation Oleg Ivanov said that messages about the negative health and environmental consequences of communication of the fifth generation are unfounded: 5G will operate in the ranges close to when the previous generation of 4G/LTE, a significant difference in its impact on the environment will not.

Kadyrov urged not to believe in the "chipizatsiya" by towers 5G

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has denied rumors about installing in the region of 5G towers and urged not to believe in the "chipizatsiya" to control the people.

Among the inhabitants of the Republic through social networks spread rumors in the region arrived technique for installation of towers 5G. In replicated audio woman complains of feeling unwell, blaming the new technology.