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Pushkov explained why Germany is fighting with USA for the "Nord stream — 2"

Senator Alexei Pushkov said that the competition of Germany and the United States due to the construction of the pipeline "Nord stream — 2" is an unprecedented situation, writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

The rate of cooling of relations between Angela Merkel and Donald trump can be called the U.S. decision on the withdrawal of a dozen thousand American servicemen from the territory of Germany. The Senator is confident that protecting the "Nord stream — 2", Germany protects primarily itself.

Austria will lift the ban on passenger flights from Russia 1 August

Austria's government from August 1 to lift the ban on passenger flights from Russia and a number of countries, but impose restrictions on the entry, said the Vienna international airport.

Arriving to Austria from countries with an unfavorable situation around COVID-19 August 1, must show a negative test for coronavirus and go on a 10-day quarantine. In addition to Russia, to adverse regions according to the Austrian authorities are Egypt, Albania, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile and Ecuador. Also in this list India, Indonesia, Iran, Kosovo, Mexico, Moldova, Nigeria, Northern Macedonia, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Senegal, Serbia, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, USA and the Chinese province Hubei.

In the US, the hotel took the flag of Norway, which people confused with the Confederate flag

The owners of small hotels in the U.S. state of Michigan because of the accusations of racism was removed and hung at the entrance of the institution the Norwegian flag, which locals were confused with the Confederate flag reported by the local newspaper Lansing State Journal.

It is a small hotel Pineapple Nordic ("Scandinavian pineapple"), located in the mansion house during the Civil war in the small town of St. John's. The owners, Greg and Kiersten Offenbecher, two years ago hung in front of the entrance flag of Norway, as grandpa Kiersten native of Norway. This partly explains the name of the property.

Sweden removes restrictions on travel to several countries

The Swedish authorities from July 30 to take off introduced in connection with the coronavirus restrictions on travel to Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and the Czech Republic, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the country.

Previously, Sweden had already lifted restrictions on travel to Andorra, Belgium, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Monaco, Luxembourg, Germany and Hungary. The recommendation not to visit all the rest of the EU without the need extended to August 12.

The black sea fleet started military exercises

The black sea fleet of the Russian Federation has begun military exercises, involving more than 20 ships, said on Wednesday the press service of the fleet.

Meanwhile on Monday in the North-West of the Black sea ended in a major NATO exercises Sea Breeze-2020. They involved more than 20 ships and planes, helicopters and about 2 thousand soldiers from Ukraine, USA, Bulgaria, Georgia, Norway, Romania, Spain and Turkey.

The US special envoy Khalilzad visited Oslo

The US special envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad last weekend travelled to Oslo, where he met with the foreign Minister of Norway and informed about the progress in Afghan talks, said the U.S. Embassy in Norway.

"The special representative for Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, visited Oslo from 25 to 27 July. At meetings with the Minister of foreign Affairs Ine Marie Eriksen Søreide and other senior officials, Ambassador Khalilzad thanked Norway for its continued contribution to the NATO mission in Afghanistan and for its important efforts to advance the Afghan peace process", - stated in the message.

Britain re-imposed quarantine for those arriving from Spanish Islands

The UK has extended the requirement for mandatory 14-day quarantine on arriving from the Balearic and Canary Islands, reported the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom.

The British government has previously ruled out Spain, where in recent years the situation has deteriorated with a coronavirus, from a list of countries, upon arrival of which do not need to undergo quarantine. Until now, the Spanish island for this requirement did not fall.

The scientist told about the share of the Russians, recovered from COVID-19 no treatment

Most people infected with coronavirus Russians get better without serious treatment, said the newspaper "Izvestia" head of the course of applied pharmacology and pharmacotherapy, faculty of health Sciences, Norwegian University OsloMet Yuri Kiselev.

He recalled that more than 98 percent of cases COVID-19 well, a large part of them do not take any medications, except for "trivial fever". The exact percentage recovered without the use of medication the interlocutor of the edition was not called.

Named European countries with the most affordable gasoline

Luxembourg topped the ranking of European countries on the availability of gas for the population, Russia has one of the lowest fuel prices — on the 20th position in last place — Ukraine, according to a study by RIA Novosti.

The rankings used data from the statistics of European countries on the price of gasoline 95 octane as of the beginning of July 2020 (for Ukraine and Norway — by the end of may 2020). The price changes calculated in local currency countries. To evaluate the accessibility of motor fuel in various countries, experts, based on official statistics, to calculate the amount of gasoline that can be purchased on their monthly salary from the countries of Europe.

Norway enters the quarantine for arriving from Spain

The Norwegian authorities adopted a decision to include Spain in the list of so-called "red zone", where the situation with the spread of the coronavirus remains tense, it means that all travellers to Norway from this country will have to undergo 10-day quarantine, said the Institute of public health of the Kingdom.

"From July 25 to Spain goes from "green" zone in "red" in Hungary, in contrast, moved from "red" to "green" the area", - stated in the message.

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