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In the Stavropol region has experienced the installation and call for rain by heating the clouds

The first tests of the experimental setup, heating the clouds to drop rain, have passed in the Stavropol region, reports the North-Caucasian Federal University.

"The use of special reagents for invoking artificial rain is expensive, so in the Stavropol region and in other regions at present, this method is not applicable on an ongoing basis. Alternatively the possibility of promoting the growth of clouds by ground-based powerful heat sources. The latter creates a thermal jet, which acts directly on existing clouds," reports the University.

In the Stavropol region have discovered fossilized remains of ancient turtles

The fossilized remains of ancient turtles of age 8 million years discovered in the Stavropol region, reports a press-service Severo-the Caucasian Federal University.

It is noted that the unique discovery took place when researching future places of work practice in one of the sand pits of the village of Beshpagir. Kerimov saw the remains of the ancient reptile age 8 million years in the Sarmatian deposits, added in a press-service.

"In vitro" revealed antibodies to the coronavirus every third person on skfo

Private medical network "in vitro" revealed antibodies to coronavirus in 35% passed the test the inhabitants of the North Caucasus Federal district, said in a statement.

"The North Caucasus Federal district, 2.3% of the total number of tests and 35% positive", - stated in the message.