Latest News - #North sea

In Britain Russia after Putin's words about the Navy called a "significant threat"

Russia is a state that represents for the UK a "significant threat," said Minister of state for defence of the Kingdom Annabel Goldie. It is reported by RT.

Previously a member of the house of lords John Anderson appealed to the authorities of the UK and asked how the government assesses the safety of the North and Baltic seas because of the statement of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the day of the Navy that this year the fleet will take 40 new ships.

Greenpeace will pay a fine for protesting on the rig of BP in Britain

The court in Edinburgh fined the organization for the protection of the environment Greenpeace UK 80 thousand pounds for the protest, arranged on the rig to British oil company BP in the North sea last year, follows from the decision of the court.

According to the court, the Transocean Drilling company that services oil rigs in the North sea, in June last year, received a court decision prohibiting environmental activists and volunteers to get on the installation or to approach them closer than 500 metres.

The pilot crashed in the North sea the American F-15 killed

American fighter pilot F-15C that crashed in the North sea, killing, reported in the verified Twitter account housed in the UK, 48th fighter wing United States air force.

"Pilot of crashed F-15C Eagle was found. Confirmed that he died. This is a tragic loss," - said in the message.

In the North sea, found the wreckage of a crashed American fighter

A search team found the wreckage of the fallen in the North sea fighter of the us, the search for the pilot continues, reported the press group of the 48th squadron of the U.S. air force, which was missing the plane.

The accident occurred on Monday morning off the coast of Yorkshire. The F-15C, carrying out training flight in the group of four fighters, fell into the sea. The fate of the pilot unknown, in the area of the crash is a British coast guard.