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In the US, the bear pulled the curious cub from someone else's house

Family from North Carolina became the witness of how little bear got to their house. Then came to him the mother bear and took the cub with him, reports NDTV.

Sumer Walser Williams wife woke up early in the morning from their home barking dog. It turned out, the dog was excited by the appearance of bears. In a few minutes the couple heard strange noises. They looked out and saw the bear, standing on two legs at the front door.

USA managed to drastically reduce the mortality rate from COVID-19, said trump

USA managed to drastically reduce the mortality rate of coronavirus, said the President of the United States Donald trump.

"The mortality rate for people over the age of 18 is now below 85%, than in April, and 25% lower than in Europe in General. In April, 22% of all deaths in the US were associated with the Chinese virus, last week this number... we have reduced to lower than 7%," said trump, speaking in North Carolina.

Trump promised to share the coronavirus vaccine with other countries

The US would be willing to share the vaccine against coronavirus with other countries, said the President of the United States Donald trump.

"This has never been done before. We are mass-producing vaccine candidates advance to the first day when she approves, she was immediately available to Americans. We'll probably have a lot of (the vaccine) to people around the world," said trump, speaking in North Carolina.

Trump announced the cancellation of the all-party Congress in Florida

The President of the United States Donald trump announced the cancellation of the all-party Congress in the city of Jacksonville, Florida due to the coronavirus.

This decision trump has explained the concern about the residents of Florida. According to him, the delegates will gather in North Carolina, where will be held the official procedure of nomination of the candidate from Republican party on presidential elections.

In the USA the alligator crashed into the kayak and flipped it

Tourist Pete Joyce filmed the moment when it crashed into an alligator on the river Vaccaro in North Carolina, according to CNN.

Pete Joyce went on to study wildlife on the river Vaccaro. To capture video of his journey by kayak, he attached to the breast action camera. But the movie was more effective than expected: suddenly appeared out of nowhere a large alligator, rapidly swam to the kayak and flipped it over.

Died an American country musician Charlie Daniels

Famous American country musician Charles (Charlie) Daniels died in USA on 84-m to year of life, informs edition Variety.

It is noted that the musician died on Monday in the U.S. city of Nashville (Tennessee). The cause of death was a hemorrhagic stroke.

US Department of energy accused the "environmental lobby" in the collapse of gas pipeline project

US Department of energy blames "the environmental lobby" in the collapse of gas pipeline project Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP), said the energy Minister Dan Browett.

Sunday Dominion Energy with partner Duke Energy abandoned the project of a major pipeline of ASR due to uncertainty with prices and regulation. At the request of the power companies, the gas pipeline worth more than $ 8 billion is not justified, given the numerous delays and lawsuits by environmentalists, land owners and local residents. The partners abandoned the project, despite the big win in the Supreme court, which in June allowed the construction of ACP under the Appalachian trail Hiking route through the mountains of the Atlantic coast, which stretches for 3.5 thousand miles from Georgia to Maine.

In North Carolina two people died in the shooting and hitting of the car

Two people were killed and 12 injured in the shooting and hitting cars in the city of Charlotte in North Carolina in the United States, reports local TV station WBTV.

The incident occurred on Monday night. As stated in the police Department, it all started with them received a call about a man who was hit by a car. At the scene police found a crowd of hundreds of people on the street. At this point the shooting began.

In North Carolina, will remove the monuments of the Confederacy from the state Capitol

The Governor of North Carolina in the United States Roy Cooper ordered to remove all the Confederate monuments on the Capitol grounds in the capital, after demonstrators on Friday night demolished two monuments.

"I was ordered to move the monument of the Confederacy from the state Capitol to protect public safety. I am concerned about the high probability of violent confrontations and dangerous efforts that are being made to carry and carry large, heavy statues", - reads the statement of the Twitter account of the Governor.

In the US, the demonstrators tore down two statues at the monument of the Confederation in the Role

Demonstrators in the U.S. Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina, at the second attempt tore down two statues installed near the Confederate monument in the center of the city, according to the TV station WTVD.

On Friday evening after the March on Juneteenth (the day of the liberation of the slaves - ed.), the demonstrators threw the rope on the statues around the monument of the Confederation. The first attempt to move the statue from the pedestal failed – intervened by the police. However, after the police withdrew, the protesters piled both monuments on the ground. One of them, the demonstrators subsequently hanged on a rope on a lamppost, the other placed on the courthouse steps. After the rain started, the protesters left the city center. Arrived at the scene, police removed the statue.

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