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Matvienko has told, who can recover damages for a state of emergency in Norilsk

The government promised to ensure that all damages for the accident in Norilsk was not damaged regional and municipal budgets, the damages may be recovered from the personal assets of shareholders or from other sources, but not from income tax, said the Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko.

"Let the government decide, it will be personal funds of shareholders "Norilsk Nickel" or other sources, but not at the expense of the profit tax", - she added.

"Nornikel" explained the staining of the water spilled at the Nadezhda plant

Swollen the white water at the Nadezhda plant in Norilsk did not go beyond the limits of the enterprise, and it was red already on the ground because of the deposits of iron oxide, said RIA Novosti in the press service of "Norilsk Nickel".

Earlier on the YouTube channel "Norilsk" has a video, which depicted the flooding of the red color in the production area of the enterprise. In the signature to video it is reported that allegedly on the territory of the Nadezhda metallurgical plant in the area of production of elementary sulfur or leakage of waste.

WWF assessed the risk of spill of aviation fuel on the Taimyr Peninsula

A spill of aviation fuel on the Taimyr Peninsula is much less dangerous than oil spill, the CHP-3 in Norilsk, however, it shows a systemic problem of risk management of environmental pollution, according to the program Manager for environmental responsibility world wildlife Fund (WWF) of Russia Alexey Knizhnikov.

Earlier it was reported that on Sunday afternoon when pumping fuel from the barge to the production warehouse, located in the heart of the village Touchard, depressurization of the pipeline "of Nobelstrasse" (belongs to "Norilsk Nickel") and a slick of aviation fuel capacity of more than 44 tons on the territory of the helipad and adjacent area. The regional Prosecutor's office began checking, and the regional Directorate of the investigation Committee opened a criminal case under article about infringement of rules of protection of the environment by manufacture of works. The authorities have introduced emergency municipal character.

"Nornikel" has not yet received the documents on the environmental damage from the accident

"Nornikel" has not yet received the documents of the Rosprirodnadzor environmental damage from the crash, told journalists the representative of the company.

Earlier on Monday Rosprirodnadzor assessed the damage to the environment caused by the accident in Norilsk, almost 148 billion rubles. Including the harm caused to water objects is estimated worth 147,046 billion and soils on - 738,6 million rubles.

Rostekhnadzor estimated the situation with road accidents at the facilities of Norilsk Nickel

The situation with accident rate on objects of "Norilsk Nickel" alarming, its neglect can lead to tragic consequences, a number of serious problems requires comprehensive action by the management, said in a press release RTN.

"The overall situation with the accident and injury described as alarming. Emphasized that there are several serious issues requiring integrated action by the management staff of enterprises, the neglect of which, in their opinion, could lead to even more disastrous consequences than the accident at the CHPP-3", - is spoken in the message of Department following the meeting of the heads of Rostechnadzor and Norilsk Nickel.

Norilsk Nickel commented on the pumping techwadi at the processing plant

The leadership of the Talnakh enrichment plant, where a leak of process water, made a gross violation, the press service of "Norilsk Nickel".

Earlier in the MOE reported that on Sunday morning he received information about the leak an unidentified liquid in unauthorized pumping from the tailings pond in the area of Talnakh concentrator Norilsk. According to authorities, there is a danger of falling waste into the river Heraelf. SK and Rosprirodnadzor check the information about the reset process waste in the tundra zone. The Prosecutor's office and the SC began checking.

Published video from the scene of the accident at the factory in Norilsk

A representative of Norilsk division of Rosprirodnadzor Maria Ryabinin has published a video of the waste pumping plant "Norilsk Nickel" in the tundra zone in Norilsk.

Previously, the unauthorized discharge of water into the forest confirmed in the Main investigation Department of the investigative Committee for the Krasnoyarsk territory and Khakassia Republic. The representative GSSC Olga Shaman told RIA Novosti that at the scene, investigators are working.

"Nornikel" has commented on the detention of the leaders of the CHP-3 to Norilsk

GMK "Norilsk Nickel" considers the detention of the leaders of the CHP plant in Norilsk unjustifiably harsh measure, reported the press service of the company with reference to the Vice-President "Norilsk Nickel", Director of the polar division of Nikolai Utkin.

Earlier Wednesday, the RF IC reported that in the case of the spill of diesel fuel in Norilsk detained the Director of CHPP-3 Pavel Smirnov, chief engineer of the plant Alexey Stepanov and his Deputy Yuri Kuznetsov. They were arrested on suspicion of committing a crime under article 246 of the criminal code (violation of rules for environmental protection during the operation of industrial facilities by persons responsible for compliance with these rules, if it entailed grave consequences).

In Norilsk disassemble the tank, which spilled fuel

Damaged tank at CHP-3 in Norilsk, from which spilled the fuel, dismantle to confirm the cause of the accident, said the Director of the polar division of "Norilsk Nickel" Nikolay Utkin.

One of the tanks storing diesel fuel at TPP-3 (owned by JSC "NTEK", a member of the group Norilsk Nickel) Norilsk may 29 was damaged due to the subsidence of the supports of the Foundation, there was an emergency with a leak about 21 thousand cubic meters of fuel. Norilsk Nickel believes the main cause of the accident, the warming in the permafrost, which resulted in the movement of the supports under the fuel tanks. On the territory of the Krasnoyarsk region introduced a state of emergency at the Federal level. On Friday, the emergencies Ministry reported about the localization of the spilled fuel.

Norilsk Nickel increases the rate of elimination of consequences of emergency in Norilsk

After the incident with the area adjacent to the CHP-3 in Norilsk, have already withdrawn about 50 thousand tons of contaminated soil and collected 949 cubic meters vodnosolevy mixture, is spoken in the message of "Norilsk Nickel".

As of June 7, the group of forces involved in the liquidation of the accident, has more than 500 people and over 200 pieces of equipment from them in the CHP-3 – 300 specialists of "Norilsk Nickel" and 170 units of equipment of the company. The treated sorbent is 22.6 thousand square meters of land.

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