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Nikolay Baskov became the goodwill Ambassador of Abkhazia

Russian singer Nikolay Baskov has joined the movement of new "goodwill Ambassadors of Abkhazia" and will give a charity concert to help children from large families of the Republic, this is the actor said in his video message during the press conference held on Friday at Sputnik Abkhazia.

The first part of the movement was established in the year 2017. Among its members were Russian and Abkhaz actors, Directors, athletes, politicians and public figures.

Much thinner Basque defeated the Russians

Singer Nikolai Baskov showed on instagram the results of your weight loss during isolation.

The artist has published two images — before and after quarantine.

Cords made fun of artists who have requested assistance

Musician Sergey Shnurov wrote on instagram ironic poem for the artists who turned for help to the state.

Earlier the newspaper "Sobesednik", citing data from the FTS said that a number of Russian celebrities have applied to receive payments in the amount of one minimum wage per employee. So, approval for payments received Dima Bilan, Nikolay Baskov, as well as Regina Todorenko.

Prigogine explained why the star sought help from the state

Producer Joseph Prigogine in an interview with "Evening Moscow" told me that appealing to the state performers have done the right thing. He recalled that he personally pays taxes as a sole proprietorship.

He noted that paying taxes allows artists to seek help from the state

Media called artists who have requested assistance in the form of a minimum wage

A number of Russian artists filed an application to receive direct payments from the state in the amount of one minimum wage per employee. About it writes the edition "the Source", examined data on.

It is emphasized that most often they are designed as individual entrepreneurs. Approval for payments received singers Dima Bilan and Nikolay Baskov and TV presenter Regina todorenko.