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The state Duma will request information about the problems with school food in the regions

The state Duma Committee for education and science asked the government to explain why regions do not adjust the limits of budget funds for the free hot meals for schoolchildren and not concluded the relevant agreements, the relevant legal order, the chamber was supported at the meeting on Thursday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in the message to the Federal Assembly in January 2020 stated that all primary school children in Russia will be provided with free hot meals. Relevant Federal law the President signed March 1, it entered into force on 1 may.

Volodin called the most important legislation adopted in may

The state Duma adopted in may a number of important laws aimed onsupport citizens, businesses, socially oriented non-profit organizations (NPOs) in the period of the pandemic coronavirus, said the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

The Chairman of the state Duma reminded that also was adopted a number of significant changes to the Tax code: reduced the tax burden on citizens, small and medium businesses, socially oriented NGOs.

In the state Duma proposed to toughen punishment for falsification of selective documents

Deputies of the state Duma from the Communist party Nikolay kolomeytsev and Yuri sinelshchikov introduced in the lower house of Parliament a bill to strengthen criminal liability of members of election commissions for non-performance or improper performance of duties by proposing to increase the maximum penalty for falsification of election documents from 300 thousand to one million rubles, and the term of imprisonment from four to six years, the document was published in electronic database of the lower house of Parliament.

Changes are proposed to the criminal code of the Russian Federation.